10 Goals for President Obama & The White House

President Obama: 10 Goals for a Civil Liberties President
The First 100 Days

While different from a new presidency, the achievements of the first 100 days of the second term of an administration offer a unique opportunity to put a stamp on the coming years of policy making. In addition to our Day One recommendations, we urge the Obama Administration to wipe away the polarization and recriminations of its first four years and brand itself by standing up for the Constitution and the ever present challenges to its guiding wisdom. With diligence and determination, the administration can achieve the following ten things in the first 100 days of the new term and earn the label of the ‘civil liberties presidency’.

Ask 1

End discrimination in
government contracts.
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Ask 6

Adjust unfair crack cocaine
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Ask 2

Close inhumane immigration
detention facilities.
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Ask 7

Bar racial profiling in federal
law enforcement.
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Ask 3

Stop unlawful targeted killings.
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Ask 8

Repeal rules restricting
prisoner/attorney communications.
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Ask 4

Stop warrantless GPS tracking.
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Ask 9

End discriminatory school
discipline policies.
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Ask 5

Stop government surveillance
of Americans.
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Ask 10

End religious discrimination in
government-funded programs.
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The Day 1 Asks

Click here to learn about the three steps we’re asking President Obama to take on day one of his second term. Take action to help us persuade him to become the civil liberties president.

These are important requests for President
Obama as he begins his second term. But he has
much more to do to become the civil liberties president.
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White House.