2013. It Was a Good Year for Freedom.

2013. It was a good year for freedom. The ACLU's victories are your victories! Securing the freedom to marry. Standing with service women. Taking back our genes. Promoting fair sentencing. Exposing unlawful spying. To our community of supporters, thank you!

The ACLU’s Victories Are Your Victories.

Securing the Freedom to Marry. The Supreme Court ended the federal government’s discrimination against legally married same-sex couples.

Standing with Service Women. Congress reversed the ban on insurance coverage of abortions for service women who became pregnant as a result of rape.

Taking Back Our Genes. In a groundbreaking case, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that corporations could not own DNA.

Promoting Fair Sentencing. President Obama commuted the sentences of four individuals highlighted in an ACLU report on people serving life without parole for nonviolent offenses.

Exposing Unlawful Spying. ACLU lawsuits forced the release of secret court documents showing abuse of surveillance power by the NSA.

To our community of supporters, thank you!

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