The following materials are available on the ACLU's Online Store

  • In Defense of American Liberties: A History of the ACLU By Samuel Walker (Southern Illinois Univ Press, 1999, 499 pp., Paperback)  
  • Defending Everybody: A History of the ACLU By Diane Garey (TV Books, 1998, 224 pp., Hardcover with over 60 photos)  
  • The Right to Protest: The Basic ACLU Guide to Free Expression by Joel M. Gora, David Goldberger, Gary M. Stern, and Morton H. Halperin (1991)   
  • The Right to Religious Liberty: The Basic ACLU Guide to Religious Rights by Barry Lynn, Marc D. Stern, and Oliver S. Thomas (2nd Edition, 1995)   
  • The Rights of Aliens and Refugees: The Basic ACLU Guide to Alien and Refugee Rights by David Carliner, Lucas Guttentag, Arthur C. Helton, and Wade J. Henderson (2nd Edition, 1990)  
  • Defending Pornography: Free Speech, Sex and the Fight for Women's Rights - By Nadine Strossen   
  • The Rights of American Indians and Their Tribes Handbook for Young Americans By Stephen L. Pevar (Penguin Putnam, 1997, 224 pp, Paperback)   
  • The Rights of Authors, Artists, and Other Creative People: The Basic ACLU Guide to Author and Artist Rights by Kenneth P. Norwick and Jerry Simon Chasen (2nd Edition, 1992)   
  • The Rights of Employees and Union Members: The Basic Guide to the Legal Rights of Non-Government Employees by Wayne N. Outten, Robert J. Rabin and Lisa R. Lipman (2nd Edition, 1994)   
  • The Rights of Families: The Basic ACLU Guide to the Rights of Today's Family Members by Martin Guggenheim, Alexandra Dylan Lowe and Diane Curtis (1996)   
  • Roger Nash Baldwin and the American Civil Liberties Union By Robert C. Cottrell (Columbia Univ Press, 2000, 504 pp., Hardcover with 37 photos)

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