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Thank You President Obama for Protecting Transgender Rights

Let's make sure the Obama adminstration knows supporting transgender rights is the right move. Send your thanks today!

It's Time for Real Criminal Justice Reform

The time is now for real criminal justice reform - we can't wait. Tell the Senate to pass real reform legislation.

President Obama: Stop Targeting Families

Tell the President to end aggressive home raids on Central American families who have fled their counties, seeking asylum.

Tell Frontier Airlines: Sexism Won't Fly

It's 2016 - working moms are STILL facing discrimination on the job?? Tell Frontier Airlines: #SexismWontFly

Young, scared, alone, and in court

No child should face an immigration judge alone. Tell Obama to provide legal counsel for all children facing deportation. 

#TakeCTRL of your data

You have the right to remain private! But our laws don't recognize that. Join a national push to #TakeCTRL of your data.

Ban the Box

Urge President Obama to remove the criminal record checkbox from federal agency and federal contractor job applications.

We need police data

No one knows how many police shootings happen every year. Time for the DOJ to mandate reporting from local police forces. 

Stand with Planned Parenthood

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