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Sign Jim Obergefell's Open Letter

Marriage equality lead plaintiff Jim Obergefell calls out Kim Davis for not doing her job. Join him! 

We need police data

No one knows how many police shootings happen every year. Time for the DOJ to mandate reporting from local police forces. 

Thank ACLU clients who fought for marriage equality

Sign to thank all ACLU clients who have taken a stand for marriage equality.

Protect Women's Decisions

In 2015 Congress has already begun to attack our reproductive freedoms. Don't turn back the clock: protect women's decisions.

Tell Congress: Protect Real Net Neutrality

Don't let Congress kill net neutrality. The FCC voted to protect the Internet as we know it, tell Congress not to interfere.

Our Communities Are Not War Zones

Billions are being funneled into militarizing state and local police forces. Stop this siege on our communities of color. 

Stand with Planned Parenthood

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