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  1. piccolo Says:

    To Sheryl:

    Spouses for life.

    Either you’re really wondering or you’re trying one of those silly little games that don’t work…which is it?

  2. Mike Says:

    For all the people saying "The people of California have spoken!", I'd like to point out that those people didn't speak, they recited the lies That a lovely little Utah religion (the Mormons) decided to spread. Funny how, even though they lobbied politically, they still don't have to pay taxes, eh?

    I wonder how many people are going to jump down my throat now and yell that oh, they're allowed to vote how they want, and they're a church and shouldn't get taxed if they voice their opinions, but they didn't just voice their opinions, they lobbied for Proposition 8 to pass. And they were the extra margin it needed to pass.

    Religion should stop being used as a justification in this country of removing rights of minorities. So many people are using it like a cheap (and STD ridden) whore, it's losing its value. Keep it to yourself and don't make everyone ride your village bicycle!

    So sue me if I hate the institutions that like to say even though I'm in the top 10% of my college I'm clearly in the lowest 10% of humanity's worth.

  3. NotIntimidated Says:

    Where's the voice for "GAY RIGHTS" speaking ANYTHING of these tragedies??Let's just imagine if these 3 victims were homosexual how loud the roar would be among your "victim-hyped" community.

    Silence 'deafening' over murder by homosexual
    Allie Martin and Jody Brown - OneNewsNow - 12/2/2008 8:00:00 AM

    A pro-family activist is questioning why there is no outrage over the murder of a college student by a homosexual.

    On November 21, William Smithson, 43, of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to life in prison for the September 2006 strangulation murder of 23-year-old Jason Shephard. Smithson, a homosexual, murdered Shephard after slipping him GHB, a date rape drug, then hid the body in the basement of his home.

    Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, says it is ironic that homosexuals used the murder ten years ago of Matthew Shepherd to push for hate crimes laws -- yet remain largely silent about the murder of Jason Shephard.

    "[It's] a true double standard, because Jason Shephard's murder has been under the radar screen -- and basically, unless you're in Pennsylvania monitoring this kind of stuff, you don't hear about it," says Gramley. "But Matthew Shepherd? Everyone in the country knows who Matthew Shepherd is."

    Gramley points out homosexual activists claim Matthew Shepherd was targeted because he was homosexual. But ABC News later revealed that Matthew Shepherd was the victim of a botched robbery -- a finding the media has largely ignored.

    The Pennsylvania activist wonders where the outrage is from homosexuals over the 2006 murder. In a press release, she describes the silence from that community as "deafening."

    "The murders of both Matthew Shepherd and Jason Shephard were tragic, but one murder is being used by homosexual activists to push their agenda of special rights," she states. "Murder is murder and increased penalties for attacking a specially protected group listed in a hate crimes law is a waste of everyone's time and resources. Such a law creates unequal protection under the law."

    She cites two other murders committed by homosexual men that met with relative silence in the homosexual community -- the murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas in 1999, and the 2002 murder of Mary Stachowicz in Chicago.

  4. Thameris Says:

    Funny I never refer to the homosexual as faggot or queer yet I have often heard them refer to heterosexuals as "those breeders". Truth is I have freinds on boths side of the fence and Gays are just as racist, sexist and bigotted as anyone else, Perhaps even a bit worse in some case's. Recent news shows they don't care how often they violate the rights of other's.

  5. johoko Says:

    God's law will never change!!!

  6. piccolo Says:

    To NotIntimidated

    There is no indication that the person that was murdered was done so because they were straight. Just because the crazy person happens to be gay does not mean that they targeted straight people. It could have just as easily have been a gay person killing another gay person. The same goes for if a straight person happens to murder a gay person one needs to prove that the motive was such and not just draw random conclusions.

    As far as that "botched robbery" lie...well it was a lie. Years later in an interview the killers who had already testified tried clearing their names slightly by saying they never had a problem against gays and it was just a robbery. However the nature of their crime and their own testimonies disproved that a long time ago. As for Mary, here we have an unstable abused gay youth who broke down during an argument with a fundamentalist who began attacking him based on his sexual identity. Now what he did to her was no excuse and he deserves to be behind a mental ward for that rest of his troubled life. But to try to compare it to Mathew is stupid. This guy never went out hunting for a straight Christian at a bar and lured her to her doom, and then tried saying it was a botched robbery years later. You also ignore that he turned himself in.
    The case of Jesse Dirkhising is a sad one indeed. I am gay and against the death penalty but in this case I might make an exception for the men that committed this crime. As for lack of media coverage, many people who hate gay people would use cases like this to attack and vilify ALL gay people. The media would be very much aware of things like this and would probably not feel great about helping to incite a national frenzy when innocent gay people are beaten and killed by angry mobs.

    But you talk about double standards I see one here. When straight men rape and murder very young girls people ignore their sexual identity, but when it happens to be the other way around the sexual identity is suddenly thrust into the spot light. This is a classic example of how criminals who happen to be gay are used by the ignorant and the hateful to justify their agenda against gay rights. You fail to mention the HRC did make statements about this evil act. Right now there is probably a 13 year old girl having the same thing done to her by straight men and I doubt it will make national news. Sadly this is because things like this are rather common and at the time the Matthew murder was something new to a lot of people and thus the slanted news coverage.

    As for hate crime laws, sexual orientation also includes heterosexuality. Straight people are protected under this as well. There is no need to be afraid of hate crime laws. We look at the context of a crime not just the basic. One could say “robbery is robbery” yes that is true but what are the details? Stealing 1 dollar is not equal to stealing 1 million. Going out trying to find a specific group of people to murder is far more evil and wrong then simply murdering someone in the heat of an argument. Both are wrong but one has a much different context. When a man kills his wife because of an argument society is not harmed much, but when a man goes out and seeks to murder as many black or gay people as they can because of hatred that creates a much more terrifying society when we treat unequal acts that same. Context and reasoning is everything.

  7. piccolo Says:

    to "Thameris Says"

    Making sweeping statements?…Check

    Purportedly having good relations with the party one seeks to attack and vilify?...Check

    Admitting of own sides guilt and then claiming that other side goes even further?...Check

    Reverse meaning of well established phrases like “violate the rights” to attempt to claim a reversal of discrimination where little to no such reverse discrimination resides?…Check

    Hook line and sinker.

    All the elements are here…this is a classically bad attack. Please find some new material.

    As for gays infringing on other people’s rights please show some detail? And don’t leave out the context please.(I seem to have to reiterate that with some people) We have every right to protest/boycott like we are, and pointing to small and isolated events such as graffiti or one person jumping on a squad car are not arguments. In fact they are logical fallacies that are really unbecoming of someone who purports to have “lots” of gay friends.

  8. piccolo Says:

    "God’s law will never change!!!"

    Actually it’s changed a lot, or do you not eat shellfish? Still sell your progeny into slavery?

    Jesus changed this so called "unchangeable law" as well.

    But never mind facts...fantasy all the way!!!

  9. Linda Says:

    Perversion. Are the"gay" people familiar with the meaning of the word? I suppose not. And I am a Christian. Yup, one of "those". I think you should read about Sodomn and Gommorha and how the whole city was destroyed because of the very same things our society are now doing. I resent you assuming the rainbow is your sign or is a sign God sent as a promise to us. And gay? It used to be a happy, it's vulgar. We are all going to answer to God. I am sooo far from perfect but what "gays" do is an Abmonination in God's eyes and God never changes. Stop picking on the Mormons. God bless them for speaking out! The Bible also does NOT tell us to separate church from state. That's yet another fallacy that makes people seem to feel OK about their sinful ways and actions. Your opinion, my opinion, anybody's opinion really doesnt' matter. Only God's opinion matters.

  10. Michael Says:

    Oh, now let's talk about the concept of democracy and how we practice it: We are not a democracy, we are a republic. Therefore, we do not share in the concept of total democracy, where a gathering of votes on all issues and laws is the way we decide things; we vote people into office who decide such things for us. If you don't like the system, find a way to make true democracy work. Until then, enjoy our legal system the way it is, and remember that most laws to protect minorities come from court cases, not from a nationwide vote.

  11. Dean Says:

    All couples that obey the laws of nature have the right to be married. All other will have to call it something else.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    screw the lesbians. they have no right

  13. randy Says:

    so if man can marry man or woman can marry woman then hell does this mean i can marry my dog so it can have benefits to i do love my dog

  14. TheyCallMeDonna Says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure your bible has something to say about casting judgment upon others, does it not? In any event, I'd like to refer you to a passage of the bible. Kudos if you can guess where it's written.

    "I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother;
    You were very dear to me.
    Your love for me was wonderful,
    More wonderful than that of women. "

    And since you claim to have such an intimate knowledge of the bible, I'd like to refer you to another passage, that is, psalm 137:9 of the King James bible:

    "Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones."

    And another thing: after reviewing the New and Old Testaments, I've found that(shockingly) gods opinion DOES change, and quite often at that! Do you then presume to speak for god? Because I'm pretty sure that your bible has something to say about that, none of which is good!

    To answer your question, you must first ask another: can your dog give consent? If not, then I'm sorry but you cannot marry your dog. If, however, it can, then you should get that on video because that's quite an impressive talent right there!

  15. TheyCallMeDonna Says:

    Oh, and one more thing, Linda: The bible also happens to be rife with polygamy, slavery, and pedophilia. How do you reconcile that, I wonder?

  16. Kevin olson Says:

    to start with, our founding fonders created our nation on their ideals, those of americans, we all have a right to live life as we choose, as americans, no matter black or white, christian or muslim, or jew, indian, hawaiian, we all can make up our great nation of america, so then, if slavery was wrong(which it was) and the holocaust was wrong, the n how is banning gay marriage any different, you cannot control how you feel about someone, and the whole purpose for america was that the brits kept pushing their ideals on their people to the point of rebellion, well in the same way, they are as equal and free as everyday people, you know why, they ARE every day people. why should two people who want to get married not be able to, also, dont forget that this opens up potential adoption possibilities for tens of thousands of children in orphanages whom the couples would adopt in order to raise a child, dreams we all have, getting married, raising children, they are just normal people.

  17. Eric SANCHEZ Says:

    "You can keep on knockin but you can't come in..." -RIGHTIOUSNESS WILL PREVAIL-KEEP TRYING FRUIT-LOOPS-KEEP TRYING TO PASS ANOTHER BILL, WE WILL SQUASH IT AGAIN...Yes we can is, no you can't fruit!!!

  18. Dana Says:

    This is wonderful! Bless Iowa, Bless Vermont, Bless the ACLU!

    The site needs an "email to:" button so we can easily (and be reminded to) send the link to others.

  19. Michael Says:

    Instead of approaching this from an emotional level, why not simply present the facts. Regarding, inheritance, social security, taxes, and some of the other 1,000+ rights that we are denied.

    And regarding "the people of california have spoken" we can look back to prop 13 in the mid 1960's which 65% of californians voted for which allowed landlords and homeowners to sell, lease, or rent to whom they chose. Which was a nice way of saying this proposition gave the white property owners the legal right to deny people of color housing.

    This was legal for 3 years until the supreme court finally ruled against it. Does anyone see the similarities? It may take 3 years for us, and maybe more, but Americans will eventually realize that we too are Americans who also desire freedom and prosperity.

  20. KMC Says:

    Personally, I believe that everyone should have the right to marry but regardless of that we, as a country, need to make sure that all couples have equal rights!

  21. Edward Says:

    I try to put it as simply as I can:

    Tell a heterosexual man or woman that they can never display any type of affection in public (holding hands, giving a kiss, putting your arm around a waist, etc.) to their wife or husband for fear of being attacked and ask them how that would make them feel. How dare ANYONE take away the right to love another?

  22. Bystander Says:

    There's quite the argument in here, but of all the comments made, #19, by Robert made sense and is true. I'll share why because it is very important. As you read them, it will make sense.

    I'm pretty new to this area, and there have been many, many issues that the ACLU has taken into court. Several of them, I do not agree with because they actually 'do' interfere with the Constitutional rights of others; that being the majority. However, each of us are citizens of this nation. We each have the not only rights under our Constitution, but also the right to live our lives, to do that which we were brought here for.

    I used to be a staunch Roman Catholic, born and raised in a strict and very old fashioned household. My mother was Italian and my father German.

    We were taught stringent moral values, and that it was wrong for sexual proneness between two men or two women. After all, our Creator made ALL species of the earth as male and female for the specific purpose of be fruitful and multiply.

    Since the time they've passed on, I began searching the Bible for all kinds of things. One passage of scripture, in any church, per week didn't cut it with me and I wanted more. I asked our Creator to help me find the truth. It was deal between He and I. In this last 6 years I've made many startling discoveries about myself and other people that have been created.

    When we are born, we are taught that the most important thing in this life is to succeed at that which we were sent here to do. What the specifics are, would be up to each individual and his or her communication with our Creator.

    Believe me, God is not a religion. God the Creator is energy, just as everything in the universe is energy. His son Jesus, or using the correct name Jmmanuel, or Emmanuel, was sent here to teach all of us a truth. The truth that we, meaning everyone, are one with the Creator. We are His spirit and energy, given a body to conduct ourselves to complete specific tasks that our spirits were ready to take on and experience. That exact truth is becoming much more evident to me all of the time. Mainly, because I've had the opportunity to purchase copies of 'lost books' of the Bible, especially the one written about His teachings. They were translated from Aramaic to English. It was written by Judas Iscariot, who was actually the only literate apostle, who was able to read and write. This Talmud reads much differently than the one from many of the other Bibles available.

    We were taught by the church, and religious leaders to obey the laws handed down by Moses. Namely the Ten Commandments. However, in the Talmud of Emmanuel, when He is asked by the Pharisees and scribes from Jerusalem, "Why do your disciples disregard the laws of the elders?" Emmanuel's answer was: "Why do you violate the laws of Creation by following your laws?"

    According to the other passages, the laws of Creation read much differently than the Ten Commandments. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking the truth. After all, it contains only one translation...Aramaic directly to English. It can be found at: You'll also be able to find the Book of Enoch, the first real Prophet spoken of in Genesis. His writings of the prophetic word were copied into the New Testament and by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; and again, changed to aid the times and the changing laws.

    At any rate, my point is this. We are all spirits of light, having a 'human experience.' It IS entirely possible that each person that has come out as a homosexual, may be just that for this lifetime. Don't misunderstand me. God is perfection; however, He does have His reasons for everything. It IS Creator's job to judge, NOT OURS.

    I am a straight woman; however, I have put myself in the place of a gay individual and this I will say. I don't believe in judging people, anymore than I would sit here and judge my Creator, or HIS will, for that which He has for each of us.

    Would any one person that has decided to show cruelty to another person, just because they believe something different than you, be condemned?

    Each of us was blessed by our Creator with Free Will. There isn't even a practicing witch that would interfere with the 'free will' of any living man or woman. That free will was OUR GIFT from God. We all know how God deals with those who extend the hand of ill deeds, and it is returned to each in a different way.

    This Universe that Creator made is like a giant echo chamber. Everything...and I do mean everything, reverberates back to those who send out that negativity no less than 10 fold the return. It's a Universal Law, just as gravity. The exact same is true for doing a good deed. When the payment comes back, it is well multiplied.

    I believe that homosexuals are not just people, they are HUMANS. They are endowed with the same feelings, sorrow, pain, and love as each of us. The same ambitions and creativity for things that bring beauty. Gay people are just as important to society as any straight person. It is the Will of our Creator to see how mankind will judge their brothers and sisters. What will the straight persons score be? Any homosexual is a creation of God. Therefore, if you judge a gay harshly, tell them they do NOT have the same rights as anyone else, then you're slapping God in the face with His creation, telling Him that HE is imperfect. I just sit here and wonder if any of you have ever thought of that.

    Recall the words, "Judge not, least ye be judged?"

    I don't know all the answers, but I can tell you this. I would never, ever intentionally hurt another human being, no matter what their beliefs are. Not in any way what-so-ever. If homosexuals want to marry, that is their right as humans. And, Robert is absolutely right. God does NOT issue a marriage license...people do. States and religious leaders are the dictators of the laws they feel should be obeyed.

    God made man and woman, but He did not come down and marry them to each other. Do you believe that would have made a difference to Him? Adam was to have a partner, and he was given a woman. And God did tell them to go forth and multiply. It's not like the first man and woman didn't screw up! Look what they did. But does not our Creator forgive? When Catholics go to confession, there is a priest there, a man of the church. But what the church never told anyone and is that man can go boldly to the throne of grace, and ask for that forgiveness on his/her own. Confession before a priest is the doing of a Pope, not God. He never handed down that law. And if He did, I'd like a person to point out the exact truth as written in the scrolls. When Moses handed down the laws, THAT was NOT among them. Recall, Moses went up into the mountain to speak with God, ONE ON ONE. Anyone can do that. What is wrong with us and our lives is between we and the Creator. There isn't a man on earth that was given the power by God to 'forgive.' Only our Creator can do that.

    My suggestion would be, to investigate alternatives; find the information I suggested and learn for yourselves how we've been duped into believing everything the church leaders have told us. Buy the books about the Dead Sea Scrolls. These books contain hidden information that was buried by Christian leaders, who deliberately tossed them out as not important because they were trying to keep 'control.'

    People need to open their minds and well as their hearts. They need to look into a mirror, look deeply into their own eyes, view their own spirit, which is part of the Spirit of our Creator. Never denounce that Spirit because that is our connection to God Himself.

    I don't know what the answers could or would be, but I know I cannot judge anyone before I judge my own actions or words. It is not for us to decide the will of each person. It is not for us to dictate our beliefs, and expect others in a minority to accept them. And it is not for the minority to set the ground rules about anyone elses beliefs, or traditions. What is necessary is to search the spirit inside of each of us and ask our Creator for assistance to find the truth.

    There is a song we used to sing during a Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help, and my inner spirit told me to put this in here. It's always stood out in my mind, even though I've not sang this aloud for 25 years.

    "Oh Mother of Perpetual Help, to thee we come, imploring help. Behold us here from far and near; to ask of thee, our help to be. Behold us here, from far and near; to ask of thee, our help to be.

    Perpetual help we beg of thee; our souls from sin and sorrow free; direct our wandering feet aright; and be thyself, your own true light. Direct our wandering feet aright, and be thyself, YOUR OWN TRUE LIGHT.

    The light of a spirit is never darkened unless it is the Will of our Creator. Just as the Archbishops and church leaders judged, and condemned the witches at the 'trials' then burned them at the stake, they tried to prove to man that God made them Gods of judgment. But they were only men. They may have been in the service of the church, but keep in mind, they never thought twice about extracting many truths of the teachings we were to receive.

    Don't believe me, but research these things yourselves. It would be to your benefit. God's greatest command is that we love one another. He didn't say, 'don't love sinners, don't love gays, don't love murderers. Remember, this is Easter, and when Christ (Emmanuel) was hung between a thief and a murderer, He forgave them and said, "On this day you shall be with me in the kingdom of Heaven." Try to reserve judgment as a task that belongs to our Creator. It is His will for us to observe the Laws of Creation.

  23. Bystander Says:

    By the way, in addition to my last post, I would like to invite anyone who is struggling with emotional, spiritual or any other issues to my web site, Just click on the tab that says...ironically, 'Embrace Your Rainbow' Advice. I'll be more than happy to assist any person in any way I can. (The name of the page was actually formed after the book, "Embracing the Rainbow" by the beneficent partners of many people and the saving of this planet.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    "call it something else, NOT MARRIAGE cause it just aint!!
    chillout! i voted yes on 8, and would of’ve regardless what the politicians requested, it’s not biggotry it’s respect of minimal social standards. (we have so little these days)"

    I feel sorry for you fidelcastroruizseesyou If you like to judge people for something that has no dang bearing on how YOU live your life then you certainly need a wake up call. I used to be a religious person, went to church every Sunday, prayed every night... I changed because of one fundamental flaw in religion... its complete BS. The world is changing, religion is losing ground because of its failure to adapt and tell the TRUTH, and now people are beginning to see it and the few religious people left are trying so hard to try and cover their mistakes.
    The ACLU is a "Constitutionalism" based organization. They see the constitution as it was meant to be seen and people with blind religion can't see that.

    Thats all I got for now. Peace out peepz.

  25. Flyordie Says:

    "call it something else, NOT MARRIAGE cause it just aint!!
    chillout! i voted yes on 8, and would of’ve regardless what the politicians requested, it’s not biggotry it’s respect of minimal social standards. (we have so little these days)"

    I feel sorry for you fidelcastroruizseesyou If you like to judge people for something that has no dang bearing on how YOU live your life then you certainly need a wake up call. I used to be a religious person, went to church every Sunday, prayed every night... I changed because of one fundamental flaw in religion... its complete BS. The world is changing, religion is losing ground because of its failure to adapt and tell the TRUTH, and now people are beginning to see it and the few religious people left are trying so hard to try and cover their mistakes.
    The ACLU is a "Constitutionalism" based organization. They see the constitution as it was meant to be seen and people with blind religion can't see that.

    Thats all I got for now. Peace out peepz.

  26. docdaroc Says:

    It seems to me, that if equal rights for all, as expressed by our constitution, is inherently "Socialist" then, all of the socialist programs in place, today, should be abolished. Let's get rid of welfare, SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE & MEDICADE, UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION & all of the other socialist, bougiousie(SP?) programs the commie,fascist, socialists have pushed down our throats

  27. Isabel de Sena Says:

    In Spain, same sex marriage has been the law of the land for years. It does not seem to have contributed to the demise of Spanish society, to the breakdown of the family, or to the freedom to practice the religion of one's choice. Can it be that we have something to learn to learn from them?

  28. Cynthia Says:

    I couldn't continue to read the negative comments, so full of factual inaccuracies, unChristian hate and judgment, and just plain raving.

    Fact #1: Sexual orientation is a part of people just as much, and just as immutable, as their eye color. It's created in utero--the time that God uses to create a human being.

    Fact #2: Dollars to donuts, each of the people that spewed their venom on this site know and like/admire/work with/participate in sports with/sit in church next to homosexuals who aren't announcing their sexual orientation and go on with their lives as Christians, or not, community leaders, or not--everything that anyone else does, good or bad.

    Fact #3: Proposition 8 in California was not constitutional and was not legislation. It was an amendment to the California Constitution passed by a (bare) majority to deny a minority a right that the California Supreme Court had ruled should be theirs--and don't even begin to criticize the court's role. Its role was created by the U.S. Constitution in its wisdom to decide if laws passed by legislators or a majority of voters meets the test of a Constitution created and used--even by the writers of the disgusting and hateful comments here--to make sure rights are recognized.

    And again, the Bible isn't our Constitution. If it was it wouldn't deny homosexuals their existence, created by God (many comments are specific on this point). And for those who pretend to be Christian, thinking that means vilifying and oppressing others--you're not.

  29. Walt Says:

    Diversirty? You are only diverse if you agree with the left. Aclu? If you don't agree with the left, you are mean, hatefull, racist, bigoted, homophobic, etc... When have the ACLU supported the 2nd amendment? And if they ever did, where's the public information on it? They stand not for civil liberites. They are standing for tenets of marxism. I am defunding of the ACLU.

  30. Jack Johncock Says:

    Love is love, and God is love. If you read the biography of King James, you'll learn that he believed that Jesus and John had a loving relationship.

  31. Thomas Thor Says:

    Wouldn't it be a simple solution to require everyone to fulfill certain secular legal requirements in order to be legally married, and then if they wanted a religious ceremony, they could do whatever their churches wanted? That way everyone would be equal under the law and churches could marry, or not marry, anyone they chose. Then if those people chose to adopt children, they could legally do so from any agency that chose to accept them as candidates. Religious-based agencies could do as they pleased. Any organization that accepted any state or federal money (or simply wished to be humane) could accept who THEY pleased. Keep everything open and above-board. No pressure on churches, no restrictions on everyone else. Who would be hurt?

  32. Katie Says:

    Religion should not dictate the legality of who can and cannot marry. Besides, it won't be long until marriage between homosexual partners is as accepted as interracial marriage. In a few years, we will look back and marvel at how stupid and backward thinking we were about this issue. Marriage is a legal status, not a religious one unless the parties involved want it to be. Religions have done more to divide and alienate people than any other cause. It needs to be purged from our government, and integrity reintroduced. America was founded as a Republic, not a theocracy.

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