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  1. bleep Says:

    sorry, that should be "I don't have a problem with OFFENDING stupid religious sensibilities..."

  2. Legal Immigrant Says:

    This has nothing to do with religion. Any person must remove any head covering before entering the courthouse.

    This is a security precaution to make sure an individual is not concealing a weapon. If I was wearing a baseball cap or cowboy hat the same rule would apply to me.

    She was free to put it back on after she passed security. This has nothing to do with her rights being infringed upon.

  3. you Says:

    no, matter what you all think of muslim, but you have to know muslim is teh only religion is right in this world. you have to accept or not, we will se hereafter.

  4. Air Mail Says:

    RE: roald Says:

    -I do not know if help was asked, or offered; I was making a statement about ACLU bias, i.e, this case was unknown to a fan like yourself.

    -ACLU lacks money and staff? Call CAIR for help...

    -You like the idea of appeasing "intolerant Saudis?" So you feel we should Nuke Israel to make them happy?

    - We should not invent new rights for people who support slavery and pedophilia.

  5. Conservative Canadian Says:

    Just look at the responses and a pattern emerges: Muslims are idiotic morons who don't know how to spell, have nothing meaningful to say, and cannot construct an intelligent sentence. It would be hard for any objective person to side with them based on their arguments. This is quite reassuring actually. How can these people take over when they have lower writing skills than my five year old cousin?

  6. Anonymiss Says:

    To the liberal hater: You do know the definition of "liberal" is to be free? Or are you so hell bent on forcing everyone to believe how you believe you've forgotten that America is the land of the FREE, the home of the BRAVE? Clearly, you're not an American or at least not one that agrees with the ideals of Americans. Go read a Bible and stop bothering everyone else with common sense.

  7. Air Mail Says:

    RE: lokywoky Says:

    " did you know that Thomas Jefferson had a copy of the Quran in his library? He read it too. Probably knew a bit more about that religion than you do."

    - Yes, Thomas Jefferson read the Quran... He was at war with Muslim Pirates who were attacking American ships, and wanted to learn about his enemy. He sent American Marines in to rescue hostages. (From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.)

  8. roald Says:

    Legal Immigrant (52) - Please reread the supporting articles. She was forced to expose herself before a man, not her husband and was not allowed to restore her modesty after the search.

    Air Mail (54) - Why the hostility? There are a lot of cases and events I know nothing about. I will venture that things happen in the world about which the ACLU knows nothing unless or until they are asked to intervene. It has nothing to do with any alleged ACLU bias.

  9. anti-sandnigger Says:

    I'll pay for her ticket back to her beloved muslim homeland. And good fcking by cuntlapping allah whore.

  10. really pisted Says:

    This can not be real, can it? What the hell is this muslim criminal expect, prayer mats. How about stay the hell out jail. She better watch her head if she is married to a Allah lovin husban, his other (4) four wives may get her axed otherwise. I just love diversity, the woman in question was clearly born here, maybe she found Islime there as many other blacks do to get special privledges. Liberals will find out the hard way when Jesus approaches them and says get out of my sight, and I'll be there watching you race baiting godless pukes drown and gnaw your rotten teeth.

  11. Terry Says:

    The bottom line if that is the requirement... that is the requirement.... no one violated her civil liberties.... Muslims women and men believe the law doesn't apply to them....why.... because they are of the Muslim faith. Well if the requirement applies to Catholics, Protestants, applies to her butt.

    The ACLU would have a better reputation if they would back the law that everyone follows instead of the exception who doesn't think applies to them.

    If she arrested and jailed for an offense she will stripped down and every hole in her body will be searched. She doesn't like it she doesn't have to live here.

    Go back to an Islamic country, cheat on your husband and she will get her head chopped off. Hello!

  12. oldekirk Says:

    COMMENTARY: Was Muhammad a “great man”? Most certainly, in the same sense, that Hitler and Lenin were “great men!” Each of these three was responsible for millions of deaths by programs of systematic genocide, accompanied by rape, torture, pillage, and human bondage. Hitler, over a thirteen year period (1932-1945), was responsible for a paltry 11 to 18 million deaths, not taking into account war casualties. Lenin’s legacy, through World Communism, of over seventy-five years, accounted for perhaps 60 million deaths, and still counting. However, no reliable statistics are available as to the number of deaths attributable to the Muslim religion invented by Muhammad in the 7th Century, but they are numerous. In India and Persia (Iran) alone, the hundreds of millions of deaths due to the spread of Islam are unique in the annals of genocide!

    In his personal life, Muhammad was a megalomaniac; a self-appointed “prophet”, using his self-serving revelations, supposedly from Allah, for personal gain, and to satisfy his own base nature. He was personally guilty of murder, including by beheading, crucifixion, pouring boiling water or molten pitch down the throat, boiling his victims in water,or ripping off their flesh. Other crimes were rape, torture, kidnaping, extortion, slavery, mutilations, banditry, theft, adultery, abuse of women, physically and sexually, and sexual abuse of at least one child. This is all well-recorded history, by his own followers! He left behind the blueprint of Islam, a dysfunctional society bent on world domination by whatever means necessary! If alive today, and not resident in a Muslim country, or in a country not permitting the Death Penalty, he would be an inmate in an asylum for the criminally insane, or on Death Row!

    Shakespeare said it well, “The evil that men do lives after them……”

  13. ROB89 Says:

    I am sure all of you who are supporting this womans right to wear a scarf in court also support prayer in school correct? The court house is a "state" entity. Is it not?

    Also, while I agree that while some of these people speaking out against this woman wearing a scarf in court may appear "hateful" I believe it is at least based in reality. 911 to be specific (I know all of you on the left would rather try to forget it happened). Unlike the eight years of unfounded pshychotic hatred shown by the left for George Bush. So please don't lecture on "tolerance" or being a "christian". You all have your crosses to bear too.

    As far as the ACLU it doesn't even recognize the 2nd amendment as an individual right, even though the supreme court has ruled it is. Yet, when it comes to rulings such as Roe Vs. Wade they are the "law of the land". I guess they pick and choose which decisions they will recognise.

    You're a joke ACLU!

  14. Air Mail Says:

    Roald (58)

    No hostility, only scorn and refutation. You don’t know the case, but take the side against the Christian. What if San Bernardino County told Jameelah Medina their “actions were intended to protect her from the intolerant?” BTW, the ‘I know nothing’ claim got old with Schultz from ‘Hogan’s Heroes.’

  15. Dorothy Says:

    I see little difference in this lady wearing her headpiece in court and the 10 Commandments or other religious symbols being displayed in the same building. Why not fight for the rights of Christians as well as Muslims. I feel discriminated against every time I hear the symbols of my beliefs have been denied in public.

  16. Bunny B. Says:




    OH AND GREAT QUOTE DOROTHY 3/2/2009 11:15








    GET REAL...

  17. roald Says:

    Wow, the last few messages really show love of our fellow man.

    Air Mail (58) I don't see that I am taking sides, merely pointing out that you don't have a clue of what the ACLU stands for and ask why you think we should be as intolerant as some other nations.

  18. AirMail Says:

    roald(67) You and the ACLU (same thing?) do take sides. If you do not see this, you are corrupt. I have love of our fellow man - of good will, as I have a love of nature. However, I do not embrace rodents and heretics.

  19. Member Says:

    Wow, so much hate coming from the Christian conservatives. Shocking!

  20. Jennifer Coomer Says:

    This is so stupid. It has absolutely nothing to do with her faith. It has to do with that thing on her head heading her identity. She is probably a very nice person and I have no problem with her faith. But with all the court house shootings and all the other crime going on today I am glad that she cannot enter a courthouse with her face covered. If she were wearing a ski mask she'd get the same treatment as it should be. If she doesn't like the law here (which is used to protect EVERYONE including her) then maybe she should move out of the country.

  21. s. stanberry Says:

    You know, listening to Bunny B. speaks then observing Obama's presidency, makes me understand clearly how far this country has come to going back to where it really came from. Now imagine millions and millions of whites dwelling in the western world who buys into this damaging social psychosis. This is what makes America clearly socially and fundemantally dysfunctional. America is the leading function of dysfunction. It claims to set the global standard for the world, the entire globe, it claims to be global police, it claims to lead politically, and economically. Yet how can that really be? how can that truly maintain evidence, when the undeniable fact is socially-- the skeletal structure of Great America is compromised by a mass of hopelessly racist--intolerant whites?? do i sound racist?? only because i'm attacking a racist. Do I sound intolerant? Only because I am attacking ignorance. it is what it is.

  22. good point! muslim! Says:

    liberal hater you have a very interesting argument. firstly i must say i do agree with the fact that you bring up. Where muslims often times do intergrate into the american culture! but also being a black who follows a branch of islam, and dwelling in america; facing the onslaught of racism on a day to day basis, I must say intolerance is the last word that should be uttured from this country. Not when Judaism and Christianity make up the staggering majority of religions in North America. and again, I can tell you first hand, Outside of the churches and Synagougues, the thin veil of love is lifted, and the true feelings and prejudices are revieled. Watermelons on the White House lawn??? A muslim didn't put that there! Wake up!

  23. s. stanberry Says:

    liberal hater you have a very interesting argument. Firstly i must say i do agree with the fact that you bring up: Where muslims often times do intergrate into the american culture! but also being a black who follows a branch of islam, and dwelling in america; facing the onslaught of racism on a day to day basis, I must say that the word intolerance is the last thing that should be uttered from this country. Not when Judaism and Christianity make up the staggering majority of religions in North America. and again, I can tell you first hand, Outside of the churches and Synagogues, the thin veil of love is lifted, and the true feelings and prejudices are revieled. Watermelons on the White House lawn??? A muslim didn't put that there! Wake up!

  24. AirMail Says:


    Lucky you don't have the Muslims hating you...

  25. Christian Says:

    Islam should only be allowed to exist in America without persecution when Christianity is practiced in Muslim countries without fear of retribution. Like that'll ever happen.

    Christianity teaches love, forgiveness and life whereas Islam teachings arfe based on fear, revenge and death.

  26. Frank Says:

    I would think that the ACLU would rejoice in removing the symbol of an oppressive religion that delegates her to a second class, "worth less than a man" human status.

    The ACLU is nothing more than a hypocritical organization defending a hypocritical, but very dangerous, religious cult.

  27. Frank Says:

    Saudi court sentences 75-year-old woman to lashes

    Here is where the ACLU is really needed. It's time to live up to the title for this article, "A call to action for women of all beliefs"

    Here's the link

  28. blake Says:

    Since wearing her hijab is an expression of her muslin religous beliefs and displaying a cross is an expression of a christians beliefs, could the ACLU please list the cases they have filed on behalf of christians who have worn items showing a cross and have been told to remove them. There are cases of this happening to christians at schools, work, ect. Look forward to seeing the list of cases that have been filed by the ACLU on behalf of christian beliefs, to make it simple ACLU, list ANY case you have filed supporting any christian belief.

  29. John Cash Says:

    The hajib is an offensive symbol, worn proudly by offensive people who practice an offensive religion. They rape children and women without concern, in every country they go to. They kill their own daughters and wives for the smallest of fallacy of fantacized dishonor.

    The Muslim Religion must be combated everywhere, in every way, to stamp it out, once and for all, just as we did with Nazi Facsism, Devel Worship, and the like.

    Allah is not a god at all; Allah was just a child molesting, murdering, man, inflated by myth and legend, who used Religious terrorism to create a following.

    Let's put an end to Allah, to Mulsims, and their sacred symbol of hate and oppression of women - the Hajib.

  30. Suzanne Ito, ACLU Says:

    Blake: We do have a list of cases in which the ACLU has defended the rights of Christians. It can be found here.

  31. DARKNIGHT62 Says:

    Hijabs are oppressive and so is the Islamic faith. I don't see why any female would want to wear one of these things.

  32. AirMail Says:

    Blake,read this: The ACLU vs. America: Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values

  33. Tolerance Says:

    Jews, Christians, and Muslims should study the middle age time frame during a period called al-andalus. During this middle-age or medieval time period all three religions existed together in complete harmony. The Jews even revived the Hebraic language post solomonic to include poetry and other uses instead of just in a liturical sense. Not too many people know or if they do know they don't talk about this period. For the liberal, ignorant hater you really need to know that Islam originally was very tolerant and even when they conquered territories they never forced Jews or Christians to become Muslims because they believed as long as you were practicing a monotheistic religion you could exist within the community. Know your history ignoramous.

  34. Tolerance Says:

    John Cash, you are obviously misinformed. Do not take what some Muslim zealots do as Islam no more than the Christian Crusaders were murderers. You have to be able to discern between truth and falsehood and a zealot who has twisted a religion of peace to fit his/her own ideological whims. I suggest you really sit down and learn before you speak. I would guess by your thought process that you haven't been educated past the 11th or 12th grade if that-guaranteed!!!!!!!!!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    "Who gives a goddamn about these third world refugees. When in America you act like a goddamn American. If you don’t like it then go back to the rat whole that you and all of your Jew-hating, Christian hating kind crawled out of.

    I’m goddamn sick of people from the most intolerant religion on earth coming in to our country and telling us that were racist and intolerant."
    -1st comment

    ...the irony...

  36. ibrahim oloko Says:

    Allah will save will muslims from the hands of this wicked people but i know will are still going to rule this world.inshallau. what is there problem about hijab they want to move to the wall but will are going to come victorius

  37. Toby Says:

    Ah, Liberal Hater - doing the American nation proud by demonstrating the relationship between language use and intelligence:

    "Hey ACLU, you say you believe in freedom of speech. Well let’s see if you live my goddamn post up or if you censor it."

    I think that 'live' should read 'leave'.

    Yeah, great. Like most middle-class conservative reactionaries, you 'be t'ick mon'.

  38. Wake Up America! Says:

    Reason, thank you for your post. I have read some rather ignorant post on here. Most of the hatred that is being posted is due to how they have been conditioned or (MC)to believe the TV they watch daily. Sorry to tell you but Muslims has nothing to do with 9/11. Educate yourself for your government knows what is truly going on. This lady standing up for her rights should be the least of your worries. So while all you are crying because this woman stood up for her rights, you better educate yourself on how the government is taking all of our rights away. Research the following: Human Micro-chips (RFID), Martial Law, HR-1955, Executive orders 10990, 10995, 10997, 10998, 11000, 11001, 11002, 11003, 11005, 11051, 11310, 11049, and 11921. When Big-Brother take you will be wishing you stood up for your freedoms!

    Unprecedented government control over the auto industry-17 billion given in BAILOUT FUNDS
    •Rick Wagnor fired
    •Advised GM they have 60 days. They either renegotiate contracts or will have to file bankruptcy.
    •Government tells Americans not to worry because they “the government” will back the warranty. They also plan to provide vouchers in the amount of $3500 to trade in there car for a newer model.
    •Government told Chrysler that they have 30 days. They can merge with the Italian car maker Fiat or file bankruptcy
    •3 million jobs will be lost
    Unprecedented government control over the financial industry

    FDA has the authority to regulate tobacco products
    •Authority to regulate the manufacture and marketing of tobacco products.

    Vocabulary change
    •Global Terrorism is out Overseas Contingency Operation is in
    •Out with the word Terror or Terrorism in with Man-caused disasters
    •Global warming to climate change or climate catastrophe.

    Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 or HR-875

    Georgia Power-implementing programs that controls the usage of your electricity
    •Introducing Power Credit - a program designed to control the amount of power used by your home's air conditioner. It works like this: we install a switch on the outside of your home that is connected to your air conditioner. When the demand for electricity peaks in the summer (weekdays between noon and 7 p.m.), we send a signal to the switch to reduce the length of time your air conditioner runs. The change to your home's temperature is minimal and there's no cost.

    Carbon Emission Tax or Pollution Tax
    HR 1388: Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act
    •The federal government will control all volunteerism and take it away from state and local levels
    (a) Prohibited Activities- A participant in an approved national service position under this subtitle may not engage in the following activities:
    (1) Attempting to influence legislation.
    (2) Organizing or engaging in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes.
    (3) Assisting, promoting, or deterring union organizing.
    (4) Impairing existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements.
    (5) Engaging in partisan political activities, or other activities designed to influence the outcome of an election to any public office.
    (6) Participating in, or endorsing, events or activities that are likely to include advocacy for or against political parties, political platforms, political candidates, proposed legislation, or elected officials.
    (7) Engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engaging in any form of religious proselytization.

  39. American Girl Says:

    As ACLU of Massachusetts Legal Director John Reinstein sees it: "Regardless of whether people agree with or abhor NAMBLA's views, holding the organization responsible for crimes committed by others who read their materials would gravely endanger important First Amendment freedoms."

    NAMBLA and creeping sharia

    The ACLU supports freak of nature pedophiles and whiny Muslims who do not think our laws should apply to them.
    Give Muslims an inch and they will take a mile. MARK my words.

  40. mdaultry Says:

    I feel strongly that if you don't like the way we live in America --or our WAY of life -- get out. Canada would love to have you!

    We have rules - and Americans live by them, and we respect other who understand that simple way we choose to live - here in America. Why can't the foreigners to the United States understand that. It is very simple.

    Muslims since 640 AD have been raining terror on the world. Lebanon was such a beautiful place - - and very welcoming of ALL people (christians, jews, muslims etc) -- very similiar to the USA -- look what it got them. . .

    I have read exerpts from the Koran - it says bascially it's ok to lie as long as its for the good of Islam. So how can we believe anything a muslim has to say? Not to mention all the "infidel" killing. It's frightning.

    ACLU "AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union" I think not.

    One more thing. Please someone tell me what Muslims have contributed to the World?. . . in Literature? or Science? Technology?

  41. Muslims suck and so do Christians Says:

    If we are lobbying for hats in the courtroom, I want my choice addressed by the ACLU too. Jester's Hats. Multicolored. Velvet. Little jingle bells on the tips. Or beanies with little whirly-propellers on top. Maybe those mesh ball caps with the attached mullett. You question my beliefs and traditions?!?! HOW DARE YOU!

    You want equality. This is simple- men are not allowed to wear hats in courtrooms. There. Done. Problem solved.

    Ohhhhh! Not the answer you wanted? I got it. You want special consideration. You are different. You are special. The rules for you should be different because of your hocus-pocus beliefs.

    Equality or Special Treatment-- pick one, you can't have both you selfish bitch.

    You want the rules changed, lobby to have them changed. Protest appropriately. Call a congressman. Petition for a vote. Its a Democracy. This is how it works. But remember, you have to change them for everyone- not just yourself. Despite what mom said, you are not special!

    Your other choice is to follow the existing rules. Until you want to stop whining and handle this appropriately, no hats for you. For that matter for you, for me, for everyone else.

    As far as I'm concerned there should be no evidence of any religion in a courthouse. That means your hat, the ten commandments, crosses, refrences to god or anything else that detracts from truth and reason.

  42. TheyAreNotImmigrants Says:

    All those ignorant and stupid people, Dont you see ? Lisa Valentine and Jameela are not immigrants. They are African American borned and raised in this country. If Islam is really that bad, why is the fastest growing relgiion in USA? Why are American women become reverts more than men? Maybe because your hearts are so dark that you blind to the reality of Islam. Read the Qur'an and you will understand why and what such brave women are fighing for.

  43. TheyAreNotImmigrants Says:

    Muslims have contributed to world's in many ways. Here are some of them.
    - Algebra
    - Trignometry
    - Concept of Zero (or else you will be using the long ROman Numerals)
    - Medicine
    - COncept of Hospitals and Quarantine
    - Elections
    - Rigths of Women
    - Rights of POW (Yes, before the Geneva COnvetion)
    - More and More...

    Surprised? Why dont u watch the PBS Documentary "Islam, the Empire of Faith"

    Thank you

  44. TheyAreNotImmigrants Says:

    Here are more contribution of Muslims to the world.
    - Physics and Chemistry (refraction of sunlight, pendulum, water clock)
    - Science of Mechanics (accurate weighing, specific gravity of substances)
    - Camera Obscura (invented by Ibn Haytham in 1038 CE)
    - Theory of Relativity (Qaadhi Abu Bakr had developed the theory of relativity in the 8th century CE )
    - Geography (Muslim scientists established that the world was round in the 9th century CE)
    - Advances in Industry (weaving wool, producing silk, pottery, jewelry, leather and perfume industry)

    And if you stil not convinced maybe you are not willing to accept the truth.

  45. TheyAreNotImmigrants Says:

    Miracles of the Quran which prove to you that 1400 yrs ago, Muslims already know what today scientists discovered 60 yrs ago:
    - That matter is made up of sub-atomic particles (chapter 10, verse 61).
    - That the embryo in the mother's womb in enclosed by three epithelial coverings (chapter 39, verse 6).
    - That each human being has a unique fingerprint (chapter 75, verse 4)
    - Process of Evaporation
    - Proces of Embryonic development
    - Proof that sweet and salt sea water will not mix when rivers meat ocean.

    Ofcourse there is a lot more if you are iterested in knowing the truth or even accepting the truth. Please respect other people right to believe, practice and preach. Thats called Freedom. If you dont stand for that then you should be ashamed to call yourself American since thats what I thought America stood for.


  46. Isn't this what they said about the jews? Says:

    The amount of hate i see in the comment on this blog is very scary to me.

    Everyone assumes that Muslims are immigrants who hate us.

    My best friend is a Muslim and he has never said any thing anti-American. Two other friends of mine are Muslims who were born in America and so were there parents and their grandparents.

    This is the exact same rhetoric the Nazi's used to justify their hatred for the jews.

    "Give Muslims an inch and they will take a mile. MARK my words."
    -American Girl

    Heres what Hitler said.
    "There can be no compromise- there are only two possibilities: either victory of he Aryan or annihilation of the Aryan and the victory of the Jew"

    Incidentally Hitler also had his police cut of Jewish rabbis' prayer locks- after all when in Rome. If we are to avoid the mistakes of the past we must look at individuals and not at groups.

  47. *Sigh. Says:

    Wow, I am extremely appauled by some of the hate I see on this site... The pure ignorance of people who claim to be Americans, "True" Americans, and Christians.

    ALL people have the right to express their religious beliefs and worship the way they want to, as long as it is not hurting someone.
    How is wearing a traditional piece of clothing a danger to anyone? It's not.
    Therefore, I don't see the problem in her practicing, and she has every right to protect her freedome of religion and expression, which is what this country was founded on!

    And if you have ever read the Quran, you know that it is a religion based on peace, fundamentally, and preaches peace.
    Just because some terrible and radical terrorists have gone against their religion, and twisted it, does not mean that the rest of the Muslim communities practice that way!
    Just because a muslim woman wears a headress does NOT make her a second class citizen. Do you silly people even know why many of those women CHOOSE to wear the headress? (Yeah, I said it, they CHOOSE to wear it). It is because they want to cover up their bodies, they respect, and love their bodies.They treasure it enough to cover it up, because they are of a conservative background, and feel as if their bodies are sacred, and only their husbands can see it.

    I suggest that you ignorant bigots read up a little bit, RESEARCH AND STUDY OTHER RELIGIONS, even just a little.
    I know plenty of very kind muslim people who are very smart, tolerant, peaceful, and not quick to blow things up.

    For any idiot that didn't understand that, here's the TL;DR for you: GTFO PL0X.

  48. Rose Says:

    ACLU is very quick to defend muslims' rights yet constantly attack Christianity and at war with removing all Christian heritage from the land.

  49. Rose Says:


    Tell me if islam stands for peace how come minorities in the islamic world are shrinking because of persecution yet muslims are thriving in the Western World.

  50. Rose Says:

    How about ACLU defends the rights of Christians to speak about their faith
    and pray in the name of Jesus?

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