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  1. Paulo Says:


    You should read this:

    The ACLU regularly defends the rights of Christians to speak about their faith and pray in the name of Jesus.

    The problem that many Christians seem to have is their idea that the rights of non-believers are somehow less or not equal to the rights of Christians. Christians do not have more rights than everyone else to have their views represented by the government - despite what they may believe. It really is just that simple.

    Anyway, you should read the link.

  2. Says:

    While humans labels themselves with race, religion, passports, beauty & profile, America & World will always be suffering the consequences...

  3. American Knowledge Says:

    What is the problem with a woman wearing a head scarf and covering her body? Mary, mother of Jesus covered her body and covered her hair. I think you racist hipocritical communists should take a few pointers from these muslims. You act like you love freedom and America but you whine and complain when freedom applies to a group of people you obsessivly hate, you want everyone to behave, talk, and dress just like you, thats communism so if you don't like America and our constitution then LEAVE!!!!!

  4. pavlo Says:

    as a child liberalhater was likely raped thoroughly by his father; nothing else accounts for his disturbed psyche

  5. ud05049 Says:

    It is so called AMERICAN WOMEN like you that make Americans sick of hearing and seeing people like you in America. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE OUR LAWS, GO BACK WHREE YOU CAME FROM. WHEN IN ROME YOU ACK LIKE ROMANS. IF YOU ARE A "TRUE" AMERICAN, than take your headscarf off and follow our rules. I am sick of people like you coming to America and taking my rights away as a TRUE AMERICAN, CHRISTIAN. I pray GOD HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA!!! WHAT A BIG JOKE AND A DISCUSTING ONE AT THAT, the A.C.L.U. is. I WOULD NEVER SUPPORT YOU OR YOUR CAUSE. I can accept you BUT IS DO NOT HAVE TO APPROVE OR AGREE WITH WHAT YOU STAND FOR OR YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM. MERICA was build on IN GOD WE TRUST, no in ali we trust. GET OVER IT!!!!

  6. Allahsbeliver Says:

    an the Head Scarf of St. Mary be removed? Every good moslem women follows St.Mary, Ayesha, Khadeejah etc. All these great Muslim women wore head scarf. The Christian Western world don't realize that they pray to a women called St.Mary in church every Sunday which is a public place, her head is coverd by a scarf and they also pray the statue of her son named Jesus, who has a beard and wears along robe like an Arab. The western world fail to realize that both Mary and Jesus were Moslems by FAITH though Jewish by RACE and they prayed Allah and had dress habits like any other Moslem, they were saints and Prophets. If Jesus was alive today he wouldnt be allowed in USA, as he looked like Taliban and member of Al quida, and Mary would be harrased in USA and France along with other western so called Civilized world a she wore a head scarf and looked Moslem. The Irony of the story is the west considers them as God and prays them but disallow any one wear the same kind of dress which these people wear. One can roam naked in western world in beaches, how ever one cannot fully cover his or her body as it is uncivilized according to them???

  7. Allahsbeliver Says:

    In a few years we can find textile, clothing, and apparel industries of the entire world closed down, as Nudism is the order of the day and stupidity and Satan are its deities.. All the Best to its followers

  8. socialist Says:

    It's due to many people like the ones leaving these comments that I plan on leaving this country after I finish college. I have decided that America is not going in the same direction as me and other nations share more of my same beliefs. America has stunted it's cultural growth and I do not accept it. All we have is ignorance.

    The early Popes actually declared a holy war on many races hundrends of years ago but they still did it...was that justified? You are brainwashed into thinking you are right and that you know everything. Until you know everything around you I think you should shut your mouth.

  9. Hmmmm interesting..... Says:

    This is a very interesting sight and debate reflecting what is clearly sensitive issue for many people. Now I will fill some individuals in on some facts.

    1. Islam in its true religious form does not oppress anyone anymore than Christianity, Judaism or any other religion. It has a relatively liberal view. It is the surrounding culture that affects the interpretation of these religious words, just like anywhere else. It is culture that dictates religion not the other way. The fact that some areas and people have not moved on to see women or people as equals is a reflection on themselves not on their religion, even if they use it as a justification. Do you think the Bible approved of the western oppression
    of women in the not so distant past (ie: under 30 years ago)? Their inability to be truly independent or equal? It took long,hard, brutal battles to get all cultures in the west to see that all people are equal which then was backed religiously.

    2. Fact: America as a Nation and a concept was not built on any particular religion, whether God, Allah (not ali), or Yahweh, but on a freedom of rights. Religious, personal, in speech, thought and action ( action within reason,please folks). Freedom was its basis not religion, which is what made it unique in a time of oppression and monarchies. It opted for the unique and brilliant idea of the separations of church and state. Therefor by definition of this fact, by the very thing that makes it what it is, America is NOT a Christian nation. It does not have a religion. If it did it would follow Religious law, not the CIVIL law it has now. But the people within the borders are entitled to their personal religions, and are allowed practice and express that in all areas. It may happen for the majority, that is Christianity, But that does NOT make the State so. The is neutral. That's kind of the point. It is also why it will never be a Muslim or Jewish nation. IT'S NOT POSSIBLE. For it to become a nation with a religion it would first have to stop being The United States of America, as it was so laid out in The Constitution. If it does, then we'll talk.

    3. Being of a particular religious faith does not mean you have to agree with every interpretation, action or word of or by said faith, just the few basics of its beliefs. It most certainly does NOT mean you condone/ agree with/ partake in the action of violent zealots and extremists that spout the name of your faith as reason or justification. If it did Christianity would be in be trouble people ( The Holocaust anyone? Apartheid? Much senseless violent slaughter in history and still to day? It was used many times as justifications for these) . Most religions would be too.

    4. I was going to say something on ACLU defending Christian but Paulo got there first. (not about liberalhater but before that about ACLU. I did snigger at the liberalhater comment :) Sorry not funny).

    PS. i think people have missed the point and gone off topic. This woman's case is not about her religion or your personal thoughts on it. Its about her civil right to have her belief and express it and it be respected by law and state .

  10. Truth be told Says:

    The american public are the most stupid people around. Not the government. Complain here, sue there, whine like a little bitch there. Go on with your lives and mind your own damn business.

  11. Tariq Says:

    Makes me wanna rip a habit right off a Christian womans head in my country....but the problem is my country is a decent place and I dont want it to become like another racist sh1thole like the USA.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Funny, the ACLU makes this a ‘call to action’ when a few years ago a Woman lost her job for wearing a small cross they didn’t seem to care… Where are they to help us Christians...

  13. Why Is This News? Says:

    Oh, PLEASE... I had to take of my headscarf for hours... a MAN might have seen me...!! Trust me honey, no man is interested.

  14. Erik Kallstrom Says:

    I am currently doing research to determine the interest in America's space program. If you have a minute please take my survey at:

    Your time very important for our research and your opinions matter! Thank you ~ Erik Kallstrom - ERAU Graduate student.

  15. me Says:

    It's America: This muslim woman broke the law. She was taken to jail. She was asked to dress like all other prisoners.

    It's Iran: A non-muslim woman breaks the law. She is taken to jail. She is asked to PUT ON head covering like all other prisoners.

    Follow the laws of the country you live in.


    Lets see, the ACLU wants to protect muslim women's right to wear a hat in court, when i can't; you want to protect muslim terrorists and give them the same rights as native born Americans have; but you want to help people KILL unborn children, who have a heartbeat, and a soul, and you want to take away my right to put up a cross, and worship Jesus, the ReAL son of God. There is a cross on my private property, so all who pass by can see! Come get, you lilly livered anti-Americans!

    Sick of the A C L U in Texas1

  17. Oreg Kondrado Says:

    You have nothing else to do? I guess not. I think this is your main job. Because only bunch of idiots like you will pay attention to the f...g hijab. Should I remind you that we have a law here? Seems to be, you are aliens from Crazyland aka Pakistan. Now you want pictures to be released, to kill more our soldiers. Well, I would go further; you are not aliens but enemies of US.

  18. AirMail56 Says:


    I have heard these claims before, yet I know of no world class Muslim Colleges? I believe that most, if not all of the claims of discovery you make were done in reality by Jewish and other non islamic 'slaves' in Muslim countries.

  19. ythunder37 Says:

    Maybe those who don't want to follow our rules should read the history of America. My Irish ancestors couldn't get a job, my German ancestors had to hide their heritage during the wars, Catholics, Jews, everyone has been through some struggle. Asking one to take off a scarf, no matter what the significance of it, is not a big deal. Maybe there should be a sign at every port of entry: DO NOT ENTER UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO FOLLOW THE RULES OF THIS COUNTRY.

  20. cotton Says:

    If I go to a muslim country, am i not expected to abide by their rules/laws even if it is against my principles to wear head gear (I find that to be way too submissive for my feelings)? If they come to this country, there is an expectation they need to abide by our laws and rules, they are not entitled to exceptions and I feel they need to be respectful of our country and our laws. This is not indicitive of such respect. ACLU is not protecting our constitution nor our country. I think the ACLU has dropped the bal....again.

  21. Atheisto Says:

    >DO NOT ENTER UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO FOLLOW THE RULES OF THIS COUNTRY. of the rules being freedom of expression, and another one being religious freedom...

  22. Atheisto Says:

    To those commenters above who charge the ACLU with being one-sided: The ACLU has defended the religious freedom of both Christians (see " ) and white supremacists (google "aclu Skokie"). Seriously, people, before you get o'reilly'd up you might want to consider checking the facts using your favorite search engine.

    Regarding the allegation that ACLU purportedly does not defend Christians who have been discriminated against, you may also want to consider that Christianity is certainly the dominant religion in the U.S., hence laws and power structures that favor one religion over others are likely to be biased toward Christians.

  23. Beck Says:

    Frist of all
    The ACLU can go Fuck themselves. This is America, if the people of other faiths and from other countries want to live her check your customs and believes
    at the door. As Americans its time we take our country back. One Nation Under GOD not Allah

  24. roald Says:

    Beck...This is America. That means we respect the beliefs of people of all and of no religion, not just Xianity.

    You are correct that we, the good citizens of this country need to take it back from those who would destroy its Constitution and favor the rules of one particular religion.

    BTW, Allah means GOD.

  25. Kevin from Stuart Says:

    Disgusting as it is, political correctness is the UCLU's Holy Grail. Their minds are are wired to sacrifice common sense for this disease of the mind, political correctness.

    God will not help us with this one folks because he gave us freedom to choose right from wrong.

  26. kef Says:

    why cant you people get back to the topic of discussion. This woman is feeling realy bad,she cannot attend court session all becouse he had a scarf over her head. GET IT RIGHT. it not about 'ACLU'

  27. Marilyn Says:

    Oh my goodness. Rights. Can anyone tell me what "rights" means in the USA? And WHO are the rights being fought for? EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY, MY RIGHTS AND THE RIGHTS OF ALL MY LOVED ONES ARE BEING GROSSLY VIOLATED.
    DO YOU HEAR ME ACLU? Our (mine and my loved ones) rights are being grossly violated. Does anyone care? Does ACLU care? HELL NO.
    To the ACLU and the atheists I want you to know that I will fight for my own rights, I will pray to God for some of you to come to your senses. You will NOT take God away from me.

  28. Kurt Belyeu Says:

    I have no problems with Muslim traditions in our US culture but we have certain rules that will NOT be violated. NO one and I mean NO one wears any head gear in a US courthouse. It also pisses me off that Muslims are allowed to wear their head scarfs on drivers licenses. The purpose of the photograph on a drivers license is to prove who the fuck you are.... so why the fuck are they allowed to cover their faces.


  29. Steevin Says:

    Those contributions were from the Greeks you asses. All you did is destroy civilization they gave. Muslims were only known for these contributions : Kill rape burn and die for an unknown God you never even saw!!!

  30. Steevin Says:

    I knew my content be4 would not come through so let's try again. The Greeks contributed science math and all the goodies. Muslims were known only for raping burning and killing their people!!!

    Muslim contributions are. Rape murder stoning burning stealing pedophile marriages and all the crap you can think of

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Try to imagine how little I care at this point. Supposedly, and I say that because I don't know how much truth the statement even has, but presumably every one of them had a goddam party the night that September 11 occurred. I was still looking for the remains (of which they never found) of my daughter's dad and preparing a way to tell her he was never coming back, while presumably the people who did it were either having a party or some kind of celebratory dance of success or hiding their faces and not even separating themselves from the Osama bin Ladens by mentioning that they think it's terrible.
    One person commented about it, just one lone person, who said "Osama bin Laden and his friends have gone crazy and forgotten Islam." The person was an imam.
    Unfortunately, I didn't assume he was speaking for every single one of them, and all the rest of them hid away from the world instead of saying they were disgusted at the behavior. Saying you're disgusted ISN'T the same as making an apology. I'm disgusted with all kinds of things, hunting for instance, but I don't apologize for the people who do it.
    Saying nothing at all in a situation like that one was is worse than simply disagreeing with what happened.
    Well at any rate, that one person is the only one I think was embarrassed and/disgusted at the behavior. I can't just guess that all the rest were against it, because I don't read minds. Even if I could I think I'd be spectacularly bad at it.
    I don't especially care about people who complain about their so-called "rights" when I have to look at photos almost every day of a person who lost every right known to man and was even denied the ones given to a corpse that at leasts survives long enough to be buried.
    From that day to this they've never found a single remain to "confirm" a death as opposed to "confirm" a missing person, who was issued a death certificate anyone (known as "in absentia." ) The form for a death certificate with no proof of earthly remains is called Death In Absentia. Otherwise we would have had to wait 4 to 7 years.
    A formality. A STUPID one in light of the events but our government will never be anything if they aren't stuck up their formalities. Well, everyone knows he isn't coming back and we still have the Death In Absentia form. Last time I looked we did, but I don't actually possess the certificate. Someone else does.

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