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  1. Will Says:

    you ACLU people better wake up, we are not all perfect. you let some go already and there again fighting against us. Keep them there our soliders have orders from our new president. He will not let what happen in the pass happen again. and dont ever bring them to this country to see a federal judge. They dont have that right there not american citizens. you in the ACLU should go to there country and live with them for a year, and play by there rules. Then come back and tell us how it was. If you were not there you dont know whats going on.

  2. Chris Says:

    Well...CRY ME A RIVER, sounds like that 15 year old can hold a gun and shoot at our soldiers so that little punk deserves everything he got. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Oh yea this is the ACLU site i'm not aloud to say God.

  3. Khalid Al-Wassid Says:

    Omar is not a child soldier. A child soldier is typically stolen from his/her parents and forced to fight in a conflict. The children are often controlled with drugs. Omar was there with the blessing of his father and mother. He was fighting for a cause he and many believe in. He was there on his own accord.

  4. Cory Says:

    I am part of the Independent political part and if there are child soldiers inside the Gitmo prison they must pose a threat to The United States and should be held there and should receive proper education and the teaching of right and wrong so they can become successful adults and not a desert rat terrorist.

  5. honey hunter Says:

    Check out the eyes of the two women in the video, the are either high on meth, or coke, but they are tore back, they are high as kites!

  6. jesse Says:

    how did he get to afganistan in the first place! where are his parents! so he took it upon him self to get on a plain and fly to afganistan and fight U.S. soilders, WTF? I think the travesty here is that he is being called a kid!

  7. Former Obama Fan Says:

    Say No To Central Planning!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i think that the towel on his head makes a great mop. Gitmo is a place to put the terrorists in there place, and to find out new attacks on our country. With out Gitmo there will be more terrorist attacks. Finally with out Gitmo what are we supposed to do with our hateful, evil, and crazy terrorists.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    mid evil Practices died many years ago with no avail!, Show your name COWARD!!!!!-Faust

    P.S. You also lost the Civil War, wich you caused and both generations of my family died in. Any future conflicts will always end in the same manner BITCH!!!

  10. N1cholas Says:

    It's highly distressing how many ignorant right wing people are commenting on this video. Is it because Bill O'Reilly directs them to this site to throw out hateful rhetoric?

    It seems nearly impossible to me that someone could say treating young teenage boys in this manner is fair or just in any way. Despite what crimes they allegedly committed, no child should be subjected to such tortuous atrocities.

    I don't think people see the danger of the precedent that Gitmo sets. It isn't much of a jump to begin labeling US citizens as "domestic terrorists" (as has already been happening) and subjugate them to the same techniques used against these "foreign terrorists."

  11. Steve Says:

    You give the names of the terrorists in an attempt to humanize them. Yet you refuse to give a name to the dead US Soldiers. You only giva a title. Why dont you believe US Soldiers even deserve to have a name if they die for their country?

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