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  1. SantaRosaCountyMom Says:

    Thannk you JESUS! Frank Lay has been found NOT GUILTY!!!!!!

  2. Jeff Spangler Says:

    Joe, "protecting religion"? Our constitution protects our religious freedom and freedom of speech.

  3. Zhu Zhu Says:

    ACLU this is not China, How else can I explain how I feel,if we want to pray in school thats our right,it seems like that Christians in China has more freedom today than the Christains in seems like it...just saying

  4. Zhu Zhu Says:

    by the way, I been in and out of China the past two years...see comment #49

  5. Teri Says:

    I cannot believe that our society has come to this. Organizations that help condemn a couple of folks for leading a prayer. Has tolerance no place anymore? My parents enrolled me in a Catholic school and I was not Catholic but went to mass everyday and am not scarred nor angry as an adult. I did not partake of confession or communion but enjoyed learning about other faiths. What has happened to people? God has been taken out of every public place and that is what is wrong with us today. Prayers going up for the two gentlemen and for the non believers hoping that the Holy Spirit will touch your hearts.

  6. Mother of Three Says:

    These people trying to abolish prayer in school, or freedom of prayer WILL absolutely face their judge one day! I pray the Lord have mercy on these athiest! I feel very sorry for their ignorance and lack of purpose in life. News flash dummies- our country was founded on Christian principals! What happened to the Freedom of speech? Just because you don't get it, and have NOT opened your eyes to the creator of this univers, doesn't mean you should judge those who get it, and see the workd of their creator! I pray for all of you! Your day will come! Your creator does love you, though you turn your back on him!

  7. Joe Singer- you I will prayer for you Says:

    Joe Singer- you are obviously an athiest and have a bad attitude towards life. I'm sorry for what ever happened that hardened your heart and made you so angry. You must have really had a tough life! I pray the Lord will change your attitude and heal your hardened heart! I'm sorry you are in such a bad place. Life will reveal it's purpose! Hang in ther!

  8. Separation of church & state... Says:

    PEOPLE, this is a secular country born when people fled religious prosecution in England. There is no room for FORCING one's religion on others (Mr. Principal).
    I am amazed at the latest rulling in favor of the principal, while he admitidely was in contempt of the court order!?!

  9. Dr. Ed, Milton, FL Says:

    Don't worry! Frank Lay is a nitwit and will screw up again, costing the Santa Rosa School District even more money that they do not have. The current superintendent has really shown poor leadership. Ms. Winkler should have been fired just for being so stupid. The ACLU has shown real class during this period, including the pamphlets to the demonstrator yesterday at the court house. There are still religious-related problems in the Santa Rosa School District.

  10. Tammy Says:

    In it's day the ACLU might have been a decent organization, but they certaintly are no longer. I am not a bible thumping hell and damnation person, but I do beleive in God and I do believe that people have the right to pray where ever they choose do do so (or not). If two snotty nose teen- agers don't like to pray they do not have to! Our country was founded upon RELIGOUS CHOICE AND FREEDOMS. Athiests should not have the ACLU backing them on relious choice because an Athiest is devoid of relion. They have no belief in a higher power and religion is a belief in a higher power. Is a darn shame that these cases get through the courts.

  11. Boston Mark Says:

    I could care less about Fox News, ABC, or MSNBC, I saw the Fox/Friends airing and they were 100,000,000% right-on correct. The ACLU’s agenda amounts to taking a giant dump on every prayerful Christian in the United States. Evidently, the ACLU are comprised of anti-religious Communists, who hate God and His people.

    FACT! The ACLU are doing everything they can to squash We The People’s God Given Right to public prayer. To the ACLU, this infringes on people’s rights…now doesn’t that make you feel bad? The American majority do not matter to the ACLU, what matters to them is the feelings of some lone whack-job who tries to claim that his/her feelings are hurt, because a decent man blesses some food at a dinner. Look up the name Michael Newdow if you want a real gut-busting laugh! This guy is a real loser.

    FACT! The ACLU are going after our men and women in uniform who pray in public.

    FACT! The ACLU will try and stifle Judeo-Christians, but not Muslims, or any other religion. They only hate Judeo-Christian Americans. You see, they want to eliminate any and all moral-accountability, and Judeo-Christian values represent moral-accountability to the ACLU; they hate that!

    FACT! The ACLU will fight for homosexual rights, but they detest God and Judeo-Christian values.

    For example, the ACLU would fight like rabid dogs for the rights of two homosexual men to kiss, grope and make out, for example, in your local public library right in front of your children. But if a Christian dares to pray, or bless food in a public school, then ACLU will frivolously drag them into court. You see, the ACLU views praying to God in a public place as a criminal violation…kind of like first-degree murder. See how terrible it is to pray? I mean…it could actually hurt someone’s feelings! And we can’t have that now, can we? The ACLU says “that’s against the law!” You see, praying is really, really bad! That really makes sense, doesn’t it?

    Guess what? I’m going to my local town hall meeting tonight, and guess what’s going to happen before we start the meeting? WE’RE GOING TO PRAY!

    This wackjob can manipulate the facts anyway he wants; on this one, FOX NEWS is telling the absolute truth…PERIOD! Once again, ACLU wants to eliminate any and all moral-accountability, and Judeo-Christian values represent moral-accountability to the ACLU; they hate that!

    I almost hate to say it, but… May God forgive the ACLU for their hateful, misguided, and Un-American agenda. May God have mercy on their souls!

  12. JesusSavesAll Says:

    Every Knee Shall Bow
    Every Tongue Confess
    That Jesus Christ Is Lord!

  13. AmericaNeedsPrayer Says:

    My Brother And I Prayed In
    McDonalds In Hagerstown,Md
    In Front Of People

    Nobody Tried To Kill Us!

    * I Will Pray Any Place I Choose To...

  14. PraiseTheLord Says:

    For GOD So Loved The World
    He Gave His Only Begotten SON
    That Whoever Believes In HIM
    Will Not PERISH

    John 3:16

  15. Jeff Spangler Says:

    Mr. "Separation of Church and State" I respectfully disagree. True, this country was founded by people fleeing religious persecution. However, your definition of "persecution" is very narrow. Listening to a prayer or talking to someone about their beliefs is a FAR cry from persecution. Do you not see the logic? If these people who were so intent on keeping religion out of government then why is religion so pervasive in the history of our government?

    Dr. Milton, if you're worried about money why don't you encourage the ACLU to quit filing frivilous lawsuits against individuals who simply desire to live by the freedoms our Constitution guarantees?

    Thanks SantaRosaCountyMom for the tip, yes, Frank Lay has been found "not guilty." See the link to read about it.

    I sincerely pray that Lay continues to fight and that the Liberty Counsel is successful in their defense of OUR right to freely practice our religion.

  16. Rick Roberson Says:

    What is the wording of the of Article 1:
    Congress( not the Santa Rosa School System)shall make no law repecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It seems to me that there are two parts to this clause, and the ACLU is heavily engaged in "preventing the free exercise thereof.

  17. Rick Roberson Says:

    What is the wording of Article I of the US contitution say: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercis thereof. It words , Congress, not a repective state or county government. Congress in our history has never made an attempt to do such an establishment, that I know of, or codify an establishment of religion. If you read Article 10 along with Article 1, it helps to clarify the whole argument. The powers no delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States repectively, or to the people.
    The arguments put forth by the ACLU are from past muddled thinking. The States, any other local government should have the liberty to have a said prayer if they so choose to have it. Conclusion: The ACLU is heavenly engages in "prohibiting the free exercise therof"

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