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  1. Unindifferent Says:

    All you - ACLU - you are too tolerant, irresponsible and you don't want to look ahead!
    Thanks to ACLU loosing our countries and the hole CIVILIZED WORLD! It's horrible to destroy the sights of our past! It's our honorable history!
    Thakns to ACLU фтв some other similar organizations we all will die in muslim terror! They already invandes us and just waiting...
    Thanks ACLU!

  2. A light in this world of darkness Says:

    Thank you for religious freedom of speech. Merry Christmas and John 3:16

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just think, if all those other religions would have just "turned their cheek" and refused to fight in the war because another religion was being wiped out, we would not even be discussing this memorial. Why the issue now?
    To me people are people, I do not care what faith you are, just don't force it into my household.
    If a cross is on a mountain or in a desert, cool. If the government was marching people to the cross or any other religious symbol then I would see your point. This is just a symbol, and their are many other I see every day and walk by, who cares?????
    Just do not come into my house and tell me I need to change my beliefs so you will not be offended or I will throw your rear out. If I run across you celebrating your religion somewhere else and I do not agree, I will leave, not force my beliefs on you. Wake up people, respect and tolerance go hand in hand.

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