Banned Books Week

Started in 1982, Banned Books Week is an annual event that celebrates the freedom to read and calls attention to the wealth of creative expression that is stifled when books can be forbidden from library shelves. The ACLU has always vigilantly defended the First Amendment and the right to free speech. We believe in an educated citizenry and a society where ideas are openly disseminated, discussed, and debated. And throughout our history, we have worked to protect the right to access information, and the right to make up your own mind.


Banned Books Bookmark

Banned Books Bookmark Infographic

Many of literature’s greats have been challenged and even banned – some to this day. View the infographic to learn why »


Book 'em Danno

You know what happens when you tell teenagers they can't do something. How about when an Idaho school board tries banning a celebrated coming-of-age novel? Cue Brady Kissel. Read More »


The Struggle Against Censorship Continues

In 2012, there were 464 reported attempts to ban a particular book from a curriculum or library, and many more go unreported. Read More »


First They Came For the Books

First They Came for the Books

Cartoonist Matt Bors illustrates – literally – Banned Books Week, the First Amendment, and the global struggle to protect literature and combat censorship. View the Infographic »

Ban This Booklist

How many of your favorite books are on this list? Check out the 50 books that'll boost your civil liberties savvy. Read More »



Blog of Rights

In celebration of the freedom to read, ACLU's Blog of Rights featured a week-long blog series on our fight against banned books and banned websites. Read more »


Banned Books Quiz

Pop Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Are you a Totally Banned Bookworm or a Literary Lightweight? Find out what kind of banned books reader you are! Take the quiz »


Don't Filter Me: Web Content Filtering in Schools

Don't Filter Me

In February 2011, the ACLU LGBT Project launched the "Don't Filter Me" campaign to tackle the problem of public schools blocking access to web resources on LGBT issues, including materials on dealing with bullying in schools. Just as Banned Books Week raises awareness of censorship of literary works, Banned Websites Awareness Day is designed to raise awareness of the overly restrictive blocking of legitimate, educational websites. Read more »

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