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Anthony Graves

Smart Justice Initiatives Manager

ACLU of Texas


Anthony Graves joined the ACLU of Texas in 2017 as their Smart Justice Initiatives Manager. Before that, he was known as U.S. Death Row Exoneree #138. He spent 18 ½ years behind bars, 16 of these years in solitary confinement and 12 years of my sentence on death row.

In October 2010, all charges against him were dropped and he was set free. Prosecutors reviewing the case found not only that he was innocent, but that then prosecuting attorney Charles Sebesta had engaged in numerous acts of prosecutorial misconduct. 

Graves has turned the tragedy of his wrongful conviction into a fight for a smarter criminal justice system. Today Graves works in Texas, and travels around the country and the world enlightening politicians, criminal justice reform organizations, law students, and the general public about the injustices of our system and our need for comprehensive criminal justice reform.