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Dyan Cortez

Legal Assistant

ACLU Human Rights Program and Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project


Dyan Cortez (@dyan_cortez) is a Legal Assistant working jointly with the ACLU’s Human Rights Program and the Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project. Dyan previously worked for the American Red Cross and the United Nations. At the Red Cross, she led educational workshops and assisted in developing advocacy campaigns about the Geneva Conventions, the rule of law, child soldiers, and the International Criminal Court. At the UN, she was the Coordinator of the NGO Working Group on Food and Hunger where she helped bridge a policy gap between grassroots NGOs, governments, and UN agencies through advocacy, educational events, and policy analysis. Dyan is a 2014 graduate of Fordham University. Her coursework examined the global ramifications of surveillance policies,  new media’s role in social movements, humanitarian aid practices during conflict, and the domestic application of international human rights treaties.