News & Commentary written by Leslie Zanaglio and Terri Beck

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A photo of Leslie Zanaglio and Terri Beck

Leslie Zanaglio and Terri Beck


Terri, a staff recruiter at Duke University, and Leslie, director of operations at a benefits and investment consulting firm, have been together for 15 years and are proud moms to two brothers, 9 and 10 years old. The boys came to them from the state foster care system three years ago, where they’d been taken after spending their first several years in an abusive, neglectful home. Terri, 49, and Leslie, 50, went through hours upon hours of classes, training, background checks, and home visits to qualify as foster parents, and the boys flourished upon finally being in a loving home – but only Leslie was able to be named on their adoption papers.

Because of their sons’ background, Terri and Leslie are fiercely protective of their privacy – and also very concerned about what might happen to the boys should anything ever happen to Leslie. “It’s terrifying to think about,” says Terri. “We don’t want them to ever worry that they might be taken from their home. They deserve complete stability and safety.” After all the uncertainty and cruelty that marked their early lives, these two brothers deserve to feel completely secure in the loving home Terri and Leslie have worked so hard to provide.