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Sabrina Jennen


“Before I started getting care, I had a really rough time. I wasn’t sleeping, and I know my parents were concerned about me. Now, I’m happy for the first time since I can remember. I started playing the acoustic guitar, and I’m looking forward to college. I know first-hand that gender-affirming care is life-saving care. I can’t imagine going back, or being denied care that my doctors and parents agree that I need.” – Sabrina Jennen

Sabrina is a 15-year-old who lives in Fayetteville with her two sisters, and her parents, Lacey and Aaron.

After years of struggling with depression, Sabrina told her family that she is a girl in the summer of 2020. They found a therapist who works with transgender youth and after a few months of gender-affirming care, Sabrina became happy for the first time since she can remember. Seeing their daughter go from experiencing great distress to the happy, thriving kid she is today, Lacey and Aaron are terrified of the possibility of not being able to continue getting care. As Aaron put it, “we can’t go back.”

Sabrina plays guitar. Sabrina plans to study something related to either the medical field or environmental sciences in college.

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