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Elementary School Kids Don’t Belong in Handcuffs

The ACLU is suing Flint police for putting a 7-year-old with disabilities in handcuffs for kicking a cart in school.

By Mark Fancher
August 3, 2018

The Trump Administration Is Preventing Detained Immigrants From Practicing Their Religion

We’re suing the government to make sure detained immigrants can practice their religion as well as receive adequate food and medical care.

By Victoria López, Heather L. Weaver
August 1, 2018

TSA Darkens the Skies With Secret Surveillance of Americans

The wasteful program raises a number of red flags.

By Hugh Handeyside
July 30, 2018

The Trump Administration’s Census Cover Up

Documents obtained in our lawsuit prove anti-immigrant bias was behind a citizenship question.

By Dale Ho
July 27, 2018

No, the Government Did Not Make the Deadline to Reunify Children With Their Parents

Hundreds of children eligible for reunification remain separated from their parents.

By Stacy Sullivan
July 27, 2018

My Pharmacist Humiliated Me When He Refused to Fill My Hormone Prescription

I was turned away from a CVS because I’m a transgender woman. The company needs to respond.

By Hilde Hall
July 19, 2018

Is There a Religious Right to Discriminate Against LGBT Foster and Adoptive Parents? A Federal Court Says No.

Tax-funded child placement agencies are asking for a right to turn away prospective LGBT parents for religious reasons.

By James Esseks
July 18, 2018

‘Back Up, Motherfuckers,’ A Cop Yells at Kids With His Gun Drawn

The video of a Texas police officer drawing his gun on kids is a perfect example of why police need de-escalation training.

By Kali Cohn
July 12, 2018

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