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House Funding Bill Shows How Far We’ve Come in the Fight for Reproductive Freedom—And How Far We Have to Go

A key bill makes important strides for reproductive health, and shows why we need presidential candidates to show leadership on abortion coverage.

By Georgeanne M. Usova
May 10, 2019

The Use of Solitary Confinement in Virginia Is Inhumane and Unlawful

Instead of keeping its word to courts and reforming its use of solitary, the VA Dept. of Corrections built two massive super maximum-security prisons.

By Vishal Agraharkar
May 6, 2019

Attorney General Barr Says ICE Has Power to Lock Up Asylum Seekers Without Hearings

The Constitution does not allow the government to lock people up without due process of law.

By Michael Tan
May 2, 2019

The Government Shouldn’t Keep the Public in the Dark Just Because Private Companies Ask It To

While it may be a private entity’s prerogative to keep certain information secret, it can’t be the government’s.

By Lamya Agarwala
April 22, 2019

Supreme Court Takes Cases of People Fired for Being LGBTQ

The court will consider whether to take anti-discrimination protections away from LGBTQ people.

By James Esseks
April 22, 2019

Dialing 911 Can Get You Evicted

The eviction of Beverley Somai for calling the police is part of a disturbing trend.

By Sandra Park, Linda Morris
April 18, 2019

The Assange Indictment and Press Freedoms

The indictment seems to have been drafted not to justify the prosecution of Assange, but to tar legitimate journalistic activities by association.

By Ben Wizner, Jameel Jaffer
April 15, 2019

The BE HEARD Act Will Overhaul Workplace Harassment Laws

The groundbreaking, comprehensive bill takes on workplace harassment and discrimination.

By Vania Leveille, Lenora M. Lapidus
April 10, 2019

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