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A Court in Florida Affirms Dignity for Transgender People, Even in Prison

Reiyn asked to be treated like any other woman behind bars.

By James Esseks
August 27, 2018

Alabama Abortion Decision Raises Alarms Ahead of Kavanaugh Hearings

An appeals court struck down Alabama’s ban on a safe, medically proven abortion method. But this positive decision came with an ominous twist.

By Andrew Beck
August 23, 2018

The NSA Continues to Violate Americans' Internet Privacy Rights

An upcoming federal appeals case could restore crucial privacy protections for millions of Americans who use the internet to communicate overseas.

By Patrick Toomey
August 22, 2018

The Nationwide Prison Strike: Why It’s Happening and What It Means for Ending Mass Incarceration

Incarcerated people across the country are fighting for the rights and dignity that they deserve.

By Janos Marton
August 21, 2018

Arizona Could Illegally Disenfranchise 500,000 or More Voters

The state’s failure to update people’s address could have dire consequences for the 2018 election. We’re suing before it’s too late.

By Ceridwen Cherry
August 20, 2018

Under Court Order, ICE Must Reconsider Asylum Seekers’ Humanitarian Parole Applications

After ICE is forced to do a case-by-case review of asylum seekers’ requests for release from detention, we're seeing life-changing results.

By Kristin Greer Love
August 20, 2018

Jeff Sessions Slams the Door on Immigrants Desperate to Escape Domestic Violence

The Trump administration’s new asylum and deportation policies create illegal hurdles for women fleeing persecution.

By Sandra Park
August 16, 2018

'Do We Deserve to Kill?' The Answer Is 'No' After Nebraska's Latest Execution

Nebraska’s fentanyl execution was only possible because the state delayed Moore’s execution for nearly four decades — depleting his will to fight.

By Brian Stull
August 14, 2018

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