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Washington Supreme Court Abolishes the Death Penalty

Washington is now the 20th state to abolish capital punishment as the public continues to sour on the barbaric practice.

By Cassandra Stubbs
October 11, 2018

President Trump, Stop and Frisk Is Both Unconstitutional and Ineffective

Whether in Chicago, New York, or any city, indiscriminate stop and frisk is riddled with racial disparities and is unconstitutional.

By Carl Takei
October 9, 2018

San Francisco Is a Hotbed of Illegal Race-Based Policing

Law enforcement in San Francisco have subverted the Constitution and broken the law by basing arrests on race.

By Ezekiel Edwards
October 4, 2018

A Judge Just Reminded CBP That the Border Isn’t a Rights-Free Zone

A federal court ruled in favor of an American family suing over their abusive detention at the U.S.-Canada border.

By Hugh Handeyside
October 1, 2018

Laws Targeting Israel Boycotts Fail Again in Court

For the second time this year, a federal judge has ruled that anti-boycott laws likely violate the First Amendment.

By Brian Hauss
September 28, 2018

What a European Court Ruling Means for Mass Spying Around the World

A victory for free speech and privacy rights against Britain's spy agency has implications for the NSA.

By Scarlet Kim, Patrick Toomey
September 24, 2018

A Tale of Two New York Cities When It Comes to Policing

A new New York Civil Liberties Union report reveals the fear and distrust of a violent New York Police Department.

By Johanna Miller, Simon McCormack
September 21, 2018

2 Native American Teens Were Reported to Police for Joining a Campus Tour. Now We’re Stepping In.

We’re demanding that Colorado State University change policing practices after the racial profiling of two young Native-American teenagers.

By Sarah Hinger
September 20, 2018

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