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I Want to Be My Child’s Primary Caregiver, but My Employer J.P. Morgan Chase Treats That as a Woman’s Job

I’ve filed a sex discrimination claim against J.P. Morgan Chase because fathers can be primary caregivers, too.

By Derek Rotondo
June 15, 2017

After James Comey’s Testimony, Here’s Where We Are, and Here’s Where We’re Going

Comey gave us a lot to think about today, but he also gave senators a lot to investigate. They should begin immediately.

By Anthony D. Romero
June 8, 2017

5 Things Public Schools Can and Can’t Do When It Comes to Dress Codes

Public schools can have dress codes, but they can’t be discriminatory or censor student expression.

By Galen Sherwin
May 30, 2017

Why Jeff Sessions Is the Best Argument for Reducing Prosecutorial Power

When we can’t stop prosecutors like Jeff Sessions from taking power, we can still do a lot better job containing them.

By Taylor Pendergrass
May 26, 2017

Right Now We’re Living the ‘Allegory of Bad Government,’ and We Have an Obligation to Resist It

A series of 14th century paintings holds up a mirror to the threats to our democracy.

By Anthony D. Romero
May 24, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is More Dangerous Than Trump

Sessions' first 100 days at the Justice Department shows he wants to take us back to the pre-civil-rights era.

By David Cole
May 24, 2017

Why the ACLU Has Called for an Investigation but Not Impeachment Now

The rule of law demands we not rush to judgment. President Trump can only be impeached if the facts support it.

By David Cole
May 23, 2017

States’ Rights Arguments Aren’t Just for Segregationists

Federalism throws a principled wrench into President Trump's deportation machine.

By Susan N. Herman
May 19, 2017

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