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I Sentenced a Teen to Die in Prison. I Regret It.

A retired judge sentenced a teenager to 241 years in prison. She now believes her sentence was unconstitutional.

By Evelyn Baker
February 13, 2018

House Members Are Pushing a Bill That Will Roll Back the Rights of People With Disabilities

The "ADA Education and Reform Act" neither reforms nor educates.

By Susan Mizner
February 13, 2018

Police Officer Wins Settlement From City That Fired Him for Not Shooting a Black Man

To combat the use of excessive and deadly force by police, we need more officers trained in de-escalation nationwide.

By Joseph Cohen
February 12, 2018

Good News!

Novelist Joyce Carol Oates' dystopian short story on America in the post-civil liberties era.

By Joyce Carol Oates
February 9, 2018

Finally I Am American at Heart

Novelist Ha Jin explains why the courts stopping Trump’s first Muslim Ban made him feel at peace with being American.

By Ha Jin
February 1, 2018

Trump’s FCC Nukes Network Neutrality: What Happens Now?

If you like flying coach, you’ll love the FCC’s new internet.

By Jay Stanley
December 14, 2017

‘You’re Fucked’: The Acquittal of Officer Brailsford and the Crisis of Police Impunity

The execution of Daniel Shaver demonstrates the importance of police training.

By Jeffery Robinson
December 12, 2017

Hurricane Maria Exposed the U.S.’s Long Neglect of Puerto Rico

The head of the ACLU of Puerto Rico describes what life is like after the failed federal response to Hurricane Maria.

By Gabriela Meléndez Olivera
December 11, 2017

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