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Will North Carolina's Supreme Court Allow Racism to Remain a Persistent Factor in its Death Penalty?

North Carolina's Supreme Court will determine whether evidence of racism in capital punishment can be swept under the rug.

By Jeffery Robinson
August 23, 2019

A Louisiana Parish Jailed a U.S. Citizen for Being Latinx. We’re Suing.

Officers in a Louisiana jail held a U.S. citizen for four days on an immigration hold simply because of his skin color and name.

By Katie Schwartzmann
August 22, 2019

An Arizona Law Requires Surveillance of People Who Are Presumed Innocent

The government cannot take shortcuts around constitutional rights.

By Andrea Woods, Jared Keenan
August 21, 2019

Trump is Taking More Money for Raids and Detention. Congress Should Stop Him.

Without congressional checks, ICE and CBP will continue to overspend and overstep.

By Madhuri Grewal, Yesenia Chavez
August 19, 2019

Corrections Officer Who Struck Rhode Island Protesters with Pickup Truck Resigns

Activists say the private prison where the officer worked should be closed and immigrants detained there released.

By Ashoka Mukpo
August 16, 2019

The Challenges of Breastfeeding as a Black Person

How our workplaces and healthcare system create barriers to breastfeeding.

By Amani Echols
August 15, 2019

William Barr is Stuck in the '90s — But Americans Have Moved Forward When it Comes to Criminal Justice Reform

A reaction to outdated, dangerous rhetoric.

By Udi Ofer
August 14, 2019

Why Don’t We Have More Privacy When We Use A Credit Card?

Weak privacy laws expose our personal information when we use a credit card.

By Jay Stanley
August 13, 2019

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