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It’s New Hampshire’s Time to Repeal the Death Penalty

The last state in New England with capital punishment is on the precipice of repeal.

By Jeanne Hruska
May 22, 2019

Our Cars Are Now Roving Computers. Is The Fourth Amendment Ready?

Cops shouldn’t be conducting warrantless searches of computers — even if that computer happens to be on wheels.

By Nathan Freed Wessler, Jennifer Stisa Granick, Daniela del Rosario Wertheimer
May 21, 2019

Alabama's Abortion Ban Is a Political Stunt That Will Cost Its Taxpayers

The draconian law is a flagrantly unconstitutional attack on more than 40 years of established Supreme Court precedent.

By Randall Marshall
May 20, 2019

Ohio Lawmakers Ignored Us When They Banned Abortion. They Can’t Ignore Us in the Courtroom.

When Ohio legislators decided to sign the bill into law, we knew we had to both continue to provide care and defend access to that care in the courts.

By Chrisse France
May 17, 2019

New York Passes a Bill to Ensure No One Loses Their Home for Calling the Police

Americans shouldn't be threatened with losing housing because they called for help.

By Sandra Park, Allie Bohm
May 17, 2019

Our Government Has Failed to Defend the Sixth Amendment

There is a crisis in our nation of disregard for protecting the right to counsel for people accused of crimes.

By Kanya Bennett, Ezekiel Edwards
May 16, 2019

Arizona Officials Say It’s Unsafe for Prisoners to Read About Race and Criminal Justice. They're Wrong.

The ban is not only unnecessary and inhumane, it’s unconstitutional.

By Emerson Sykes, Lamya Agarwala
May 16, 2019

Police Unions Should Never Undermine Constitutional Policing

Seattle's consent decree was meant to bolster accountability and transparency by law enforcement; it needs to have teeth to be effectuated properly.

By Paige Fernandez
May 15, 2019

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