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Ruthelle Frank, ACLU Plaintiff, Friend, and Voting Rights Champion, Passes Away at 89. The Fight for Every American’s Vote to be Counted Continues.

Ruthelle voted in every election since 1948. When Wisconsin infringed upon her right to vote, she fought back.

By Amrit Cheng
June 23, 2017

Jeff Sessions Wants a New War on Drugs. It Won't Work.

Rather than expanding the drug war, the attorney general should examine local conditions that influence crime and violence.

By David Cole, Marc Mauer
June 23, 2017

We're Demanding Answers on U.S. Involvement in Torture at Secret UAE Prison Network

U.S. officials interrogated people held at secret facilities where torture is reported.

By Hina Shamsi
June 23, 2017

The ‘Magna Carta’ of Cyberspace Turns 20: An Interview With the ACLU Lawyer Who Helped Save the Internet

Twenty years ago, the Supreme Court struck down a broad online censorship law that almost gave us a very different internet.

By Noa Yachot
June 23, 2017

New TSA Policy May Lead to Increased Scrutiny of Reading Material

Agency testing new requirements that passengers remove books and other paper goods from their carry-on bags in security line.

By Jay Stanley
June 23, 2017

It’s Time for Congressman Issa to Come Down From the Roof and Support the First Amendment

Rep. Darrell Issa has stood idly by as the city of Vista attacks his constituents’ right to protest outside of his office.

By Edward Sifuentes
June 22, 2017

SOS: The Voting Rights Act Is in Need of Immediate Repair

Congress can take action now to prevent voter discrimination in the 2018 midterm elections.

By Sierra Gray
June 22, 2017

In the Blink of an Eye, Police Officers Turned This Traffic Stop Into an Unnecessarily Violent Encounter

Disturbing police dash cam video from Minnesota shows an officer beating a motorist.

By Jana Kooren
June 22, 2017

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