ACLU to Government: Shed Some Light on Bagram

Today, we sent a letter to the Department of Defense (DOD), asking them to reconsider their refusal to turn over information about the detention facility at Bagram in Afghanistan. The request is connected to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request we filed earlier this year with the Departments of Defense, Justice and State and the CIA for documents related to the detention and treatment of prisoners at Bagram.

Since filing our initial request, the government has been far from responsive in terms of turning over information. DOD has told us (PDF) that it has a list containing basic information about the Bagram detainees but is withholding it in its entirety, claiming national security and privacy concerns. Today's letter (PDF) is an appeal of their withholding of that vital information, which includes names, citizenships, duration of detention and capture location of detainees currently held at Bagram. The CIA has refused to even confirm the existence of records about Bagram, stating in a letter dated May 2009 (PDF), that it could "neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of records responsive" to the FOIA request. In June, we sent a letter (PDF) to the CIA appealing their refusal to comply.

Although the U.S.-run detention facility at Bagram has been the focus of widespread media attention and public concern, very little information is publically available about the secrecy-shrouded facility or the prisoners held there. We know that the U.S. government has been detaining prisoners at Bagram since 2002, and recent news reports indicate that more than 600 individuals are currently detained there – some of whom have been held for as long as six years without access to counsel or a meaningful opportunity to challenge their imprisonment. The conditions of confinement at Bagram are reportedly primitive, with allegations of mistreatment and abuse continuing to surface; in fact, at least two prisoners have died there. Former Bagram detainees say they were beaten, deprived of sleep, and threatened with dogs while at Bagram, according to a June BBC report based on interviews with detainees held there between 2002 and 2006.

There is concern that Bagram has become, in effect, another Guantánamo – except with many more prisoners, less due process, no access to lawyers or courts and reportedly worse conditions. Although the nation is embroiled in an intense public debate about U.S. policy pertaining to the detention and treatment of prisoners in U.S. custody, Americans remain in the dark about even the most basic facts about Bagram. And, as long as the Bagram prison is shrouded in secrecy, there is no way to know the truth or begin to address the problems that exist there.

When prisoners are in U.S. custody and under U.S. control – no matter the location – our values and commitment to the rule of law are at stake. Now that President Obama has taken the positive step of ordering Guantánamo shut down, it is critical that we don't permit 'other Gitmos' to continue elsewhere.

To learn more about our FOIA request and see the responses from government agencies, visit:

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Vic Livingston

BULLETIN TO ACLU: Torture is NOT just a "foreign affair."


Silent, potentially deadly microwave/laser directed energy weapons are being used to torture and degrade the lives of thousands of U.S. citizens who have been unjustly targeted by a covert "multi-agency coordinated action program" overseen by a secretive division of the Department of Homeland Security, charges a longtime mainstream journalist who counts himself among its victims.

An extrajudicial targeting and "torture matrix" administered by this program deploys a civilian army of vigilantes recruited from the ranks of federally-funded community policing and volunteer organizations, and receives tacit support from local law enforcement, alleges Vic Livingston, a former reporter for such mainstream media outlets as The Philadelphia Bulletin, The St. Petersburg Times, and the Fox local TV station in Philadelphia.

The victims of this program, who claim they are targeted for reasons of politics, ideology and hate, are relentlessly stalked, harassed -- and, they say, tortured -- by directed energy weapons assault. The attacks are believed to be delivered by way of portable weaponry and via terrestrial and satellite telecommunications.

Victims' movements are tracked by covertly implanted GPS devices or their own cell phones. Some say they are kept virtual prisoners, tortured night and day, their property and possessions vandalized and disturbed when they leave their homes.

And, victims say, no federal or local authorities will investigate -- often insinuating that their claims are delusions and a symptom of mental illness.

The delusion, victims respond, is believing that democracy and the rule of law can survive when the federal government enables or commits war crimes against its own citizens.

OR (if link is corrupted / disabled): RE: "GESTAPO USA"



When prisoners are in U.S. custody and under U.S. control – no matter the location – our values and commitment to the rule of law are at stake. Now that President Obama has taken the positive step of ordering Guantánamo shut down, it is critical that we don’t permit ‘other Gitmos’ to continue elsewhere.

The vast depths of liberal stupidity are astounding. War prisoners, and non US citizens HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

These sociopaths picked up on battlefields here fare far worse in the hands of their own people, yet we can't even sentence our own leftist bed wetting traitors to exile.

What's really funny is that you imbeciles "think" obozo shutting down Gitmo was a good thing, but even more hysterical that you believe he's going to put his own legacy at risk by allowing these deranged psycopaths to go out and freely kill people for allah.

I certainly hope western civilization can survive the stupidity of liberals.


I truly believe that the ACLU
,as a whole, should back off! Our nation is faced with so many arbitrary issues, as well as threats to its True citizens (those either Born here or have come Legally!),that we should be more focused on those issues! Get out of my Morality and Religious issues and stop defending the Bad Guys for GOD's sake! Yes, OMG! I said GOD! Remember Him?! Help us to protect our AMERICAN rights, our national freedom and our right to make our own choices, not those of government, politicians, lawyers, big business and the elite rich!


I am not a Nazi and I wish that the bigots would stop acting like I was.

Dino Mason

The ACLU and CCR are a bastion in support of Justice and the Constitution. If there anyone who has the slightest doubt of this, I would ask them to educate themselves as to the nature of certain individuals in the highest levels of the Government who have decided that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights is invalid.


I hate to be cynical but Gitmo has yet to be closed down? Maybe the Administration forgot?

Joe Morelli

Those towelheads are fucking terrorists.. Lock them sons a bitches up and let them bastards die. They killed AMERICANS that day. And you assholes want to let them do it again, which violates my rights. Kill 'em all NOW before they get us again.

Peter Mooring

Directed energy weapons (DEW) are used at the moment by our national secret services to murder and steal. These new weapons based on radiowaves have become very advanced the last decade, they cook (!) and burn through walls at distances up to hundreds of meters from devices mounted in houses and cars, even planes. But also can zap you from small devices carried in handbags or shopping bags. DEW are part of electronic weapons that include mind reading equipment (sub-vocal is quite easy) and equipment to put voices into your head.

Our fascist Western governments cannot use bombs against their population but now have the perfect weapons of control, silent and leaving no evidence. Probably the most horrible consequence of these weapons is that you can NOT protect yourself, your children, your loved ones anymore. You can no longer say: stay in this room, you are safe here. Attackers simply look and cook and burn through walls. Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you. That is why these electronic weapons must be banned!

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Like many, many other things, the closing of Gitmo was just more vote trapping lip service. Talk is cheap, but then sometimes you are actually called on it. Due to his lack of qualification for the Presidency, Obama failed to realize that.

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