After James Comey’s Testimony, Here’s Where We Are, and Here’s Where We’re Going

Not since the Watergate hearings more than 40 years ago has the entire country tuned into a Senate hearing to hear firsthand about wrongdoing by the president of the United States. Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, former FBI Director James Comey led the American people through a play-by-play account of a president pressuring the FBI director on a matter that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has called “bigger than Watergate.”

Comey gave us all a lot to think about, but he also gave senators a lot to investigate. Here are a few highlights:

  • For starters, the Senate Intelligence Committee did a real service to our country by having a public hearing and doing it soon after Comey’s firing. Traditionally, the Intelligence Committee has a penchant for secrecy and closed door hearings. But good oversight is public oversight, and having Comey testify with cameras turned on is a good step towards accountability.
  • There is no reason why we shouldn’t all be able to read the memos that Comey prepared following his meetings and phone calls with President Trump. Comey said that at least one of the memos is unclassified and that there is no reason why senators shouldn’t be able to read all of them. There is also zero reason why all Americans shouldn’t be able to read them as well. Every American should be able to know what exactly the president did or didn’t do to influence this investigation.
  • Comey said that it was a “big deal” that the Russian government tried to interfere in our presidential election through cyberattacks. He then said it would be a “very big deal” if any American helped the Russians in this interference.
  • And at the very end of the hearing, Comey explained his understanding of Trump’s reminder that he had treated Comey well and that Trump expected the same in return. Trying to set up a quid pro quo arrangement with the FBI director would certainly establish an intent to obstruct justice.

By the end of the testimony, one thing was clear: Comey’s testimony isn’t the end of the story. Rather it’s the beginning of a long road toward transparency and accountability. Comey and the Senate Intelligence Committee deserve the gratitude of all Americans for taking seriously our Constitution’s system of checks and balances. Now the Senate Intelligence Committee should start scheduling the next witnesses.

As we’ve said before, our longstanding belief in due process, the rights of the accused, and innocence until proven guilty requires us to resist a rush to judgment. That’s why we’ve called for not just the appointment of a special counsel but also of a select congressional committee focused on these allegations. Any decision calling for impeachment — or an investigation toward impeachment — is the call of the ACLU National Board. To be clear, those decisions will be guided by a close reading of the facts and our commitment to the rule of law and due process.

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Susan Cowdrey

So how much damage will trump do before these considered investigations are complete? Notice I said will, not can.

Tamin Mohammad

How much destruction to the American Culture will Trump make.
Notice I said "destruction" and "American Culture"

Kevin Fields

Truthfully I don't think he'll do much damage at all. His administration can't walk two feet without tripping over their own shoelaces.


That depends on whether you believe in "prophetic dreams." And I don't. Or didn't until I had one that has no explanation via the logical route. I always watched shows like Unsolved Mysteries & A Haunting more for the entertainment value. I never in a million years thought I'd have a NDE after being shot by someone, being resuscitated twice by a life flight crew and actually experiencing an unexplained mystery of my own.
But if you believe in such things, he's going to do astronomical proportions of damage & I really think they need to hurry up the investigation as much as they humanly can without damaging the actual investigation.
I don't say this lightly. I don't especially appreciate being called crazy for my experiences just bc it's DIFFERENT from most people's. I really do hope they hurry it up though.


Comey is a partisan hack with ties to the Clinton foundation. The more I see of him the more I am vonvinced his firing was justified. Of course the ACLU is calling for an independant investigation, anything to hamstring this President, who according to Comey was never under investigation.


the relevant words being "never was." If he is now, Comey might not know, and if he knew he could not legally mention it in public, my friend.


He is not partisan neither favor Clinton. Are you losing your mind? He has-damaged Hillary chances to get elected.
Common be smart!


He is not partisan neither favor Clinton. Are you losing your mind? He has-damaged Hillary chances to get elected.
Common be smart!


>Comey is a partisan hack with ties to the Clinton foundation.

That's why he fucked Clinton over right?
Or was that all part of the plan?


He's acting a Republican. He was a big supporter of the Bush administration. He only changed to an independent when he became the Director of FBI because that is what they do to show their bipartisanship. He also most likely cost Hillary the election so none of what you say I valid.


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