Alabama’s Arizona Copycat: “Why Do You Think My Daughter Is Not From Here?”

By Cineo Gonzales, Taxi Driver and Legal Resident

I hate what is happening to my children, and I’m pretty sure to a lot of children out there.

Cineo Gonzales

My daughter, she is a very charismatic [child] and very friendly with everybody, very smiley, and she is a good [student] – 90 plus all the way around.

The third of this month, she arrived from school just like every other day. And that day she arrived, and I asked her, “Did you get any homework?” And she said, “No, but I got some papers.” And I said, “Wow, let me see those papers.” And she said, “My teacher gave me this paper.”

In front of the entire class, Cineo’s daughter and another Latino student were handed documents explaining HB56 in Spanish. No other student in the class received the documents.

So I say, “Well, next day I [am] going to go and talk to the principal. And I ask her why [did] they give this paper to my daughter? What was the reason they [gave] this paper to my daughter, and her answer was that they [gave] this paper to all the children that appear they are not from here. And I ask her, “Why [do] you think my daughter is not from here?”

Far as I can see and far as I can feel my daughter is being singled out and racial profiled and discriminated because of her color and race and origin from where they think she is from. What happened to my daughter is happening to a lot of children. You feel helpless, you know, to see it happen to citizens of this great country.

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If you cannot prove you can legally live here. Then get out. It's time to send all illegals packing.


I'm sorry; but how dense do you have to be to know why this child got these documents which logically, possibly, and importantly might apply to someone with the last name of GONZALES in this particular region?? Jeesh...get over this stuff people! If someone hands you a paper that doesn't apply to you..THROW IT AWAY.


How dense must one be to not know why someone with the name of GONZALES might be presented with documents possibly applicable to them? It's paper. If it doesn't apply to you; throw it away!


How embarassing for the girl. The school could have handled this very differently and privately without making a big deal about it in front of the whole class. Very unprofessional and insensitive.

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