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Teach Your Children Well

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 3:11pm
This coming Friday marks the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most comprehensive treaty on children's rights. The convention has been ratified by nearly every country in the world, except for the United States. The convention would fill current gaps in U.S. laws, and provide all children in America with the same robust protections that children in 193 countries are already entitled to.

Core Civil Liberties Threatened in State Legislatures: Three Trends to Watch

State legislatures are ground zero in the fight for civil liberties. Although they may not attract as much attention as debates in Congress or arguments in the Supreme Court, they are the source of unprecedented assaults on our most fundamental…

Sensible Policy, Not Smaller Handcuffs

Sensible Policy, Not Smaller Handcuffs

By Nicole Kief, ACLU & Jennifer Bellamy, Washington Legislative Office at 12:45pm

You may have heard recently about Dontadrian Bruce, the Mississippi high-school student who was almost expelled for holding up the number "3" with his fingers in a photo taken by his science teacher. Dontradian is number 3 on the football team –…

Democracy Tarnished in the Silver State

By Nicole Kief, ACLU & Rebecca Gasca, ACLU of Nevada at 6:01pm

We had hoped that, amidst a sea of restrictive voting initiatives across the country, Nevada would be a beacon of light. But today, with a stroke of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s pen, the Silver State jumped on the voter suppression bandwagon.


10 Tips, One Vote

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 4:37pm

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will head to the polls to flex their democratic muscles. We hope you'll be among them, and we hope you'll take our advice. Here are 10 quick tips for Election Day:

Don't forget to vote!…

Knowing Your Rights: American Like the Fourth of July

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 5:55pm

(Originally posted on The Seminal.)

Taking a road trip this summer? You might want to have the Constitution riding shotgun.

Back in April, Arizona passed a nasty racial profiling law that will require police officers to demand…

Send Racial Profiling into Retirement

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 11:53am

Think racial profiling — using a person's race, color, ethnicity or national origin to determine whether to stop, search or investigate him or her for alleged criminal activity — is wrong and ineffective? So do President Barack Obama,…

Not Another Voter Disfranchisement Movie

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 3:08pm

(Originally posted on Daily Kos.)

This election season, untold numbers of eligible voters are at serious risk of being denied access to the polls. Are unfair and unnecessary voter ID laws to blame? Is it because their houses are under foreclosure…

Equal Opportunity Foes in Oklahoma Move to Pull Own Petition, Calling It a Waste

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 11:29am
Equal opportunity foes were dealt a blow last Friday when the proponents of an anti-affirmative action initiative in Oklahoma filed a motion to withdraw their own proposal, stating that the measure likely did not have enough valid signatures to make…
Let Eileen Vote.

Let Eileen Vote.

By Nicole Kief, ACLU & Robert Doody, ACLU of South Dakota at 5:04pm

What’s new in voter suppression land today? South Dakota is trying to prevent Eileen Janis — and hundreds of other citizens — from voting.

Eileen grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and does suicide prevention…

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