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Alicia Gay is a senior communications strategist for the Center of Liberty at the national ACLU; this is her second tenure with the ACLU. Her past experience includes developing social media campaigns, creating extensive messaging platforms and conducting media outreach. Alicia has a B.A. in Public Policy from Brown University.
My Big Gay Illegal Wedding Winners!

Meet the Five Winning Couples of "My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding!"

By Alicia Gay, ACLU at 4:39pm
Almost 200,000 supporters of the freedom to marry voted for couples from across the country, to win the "My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding" contest. The winning couples will each receive $5,000 towards the wedding of their dreams as part of our campaign to raise awareness regarding inequality in states where same-sex marriage is not yet legal.
Crash the Wedding Event of the Year

Crash the Wedding Event of the Year

By Alicia Gay, ACLU at 12:51pm

What's the #1 rule for crashing a wedding?

According to the Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson film Wedding Crashers it's "Never leave your fellow Crashers behind!"

A decade later that movie still resonates (even for us stodgy old civil libertarians).…

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