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Will the Senate Forget the Lessons from Japanese-American Internment?

By Amanda Simon at 1:02pm
The U.S. Senate is considering the unthinkable, changing detention laws to imprison people – including Americans – indefinitely and without charge. Before they proceed, they should review our own history by listening to the voices of the last people systematically targeted and detained by the U.S. government: Japanese-Americans.

FBI Lowers the Surveillance Bar Yet Again

By Amanda Simon at 3:46pm

Looks like the FBI will be once again lowering its already rock bottom standards for surveillance soon. According to a report in the New York Times — quoting our own Michael German (a former FBI agent) — the bureau is revising its surveillance…

Unchecked Executive War Power Could Slip Through the House

Unchecked Executive War Power Could Slip Through the House

By Amanda Simon at 4:08pm

Tucked inside the National Defense Authorization Act, being marked up by the House Armed Services Committee this week, is a hugely important provision that hasn't been getting a lot of attention — a brand new authorization for a worldwide…

Putting an END(A) to Workplace Discrimination

Putting an END(A) to Workplace Discrimination

By Amanda Simon at 11:06am

Congress is about to take up an incredibly important bill that will affect thousands of American workers. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which was reintroduced in the House last week and in the Senate today, would prohibit employment…

A Straight Answer on Warrants for Email from the Government? Not So Easy.

A Straight Answer on Warrants for Email from the Government? Not So Easy.

By Amanda Simon at 6:15pm

The Senate Judiciary Committee met this week to hear testimony from Obama administration officials on upcoming plans to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). You remember ECPA? That bill passed in 1986 — before we had the World…

ACLU On Frontline Tonight

By Amanda Simon at 5:14pm

The ACLU Washington Legislative Office’s own Mike German will be appearing in tonight’s Frontline report Are We Safer? talking about the expansion of domestic surveillance since 9/11and its impact on your civil liberties.


Does Sen. Lindsey Graham Want Another Declaration of War?

By Amanda Simon at 12:58pm

Buried in a New York Times story on the Obama administration’s failure to close Guantanamo Bay a few weeks ago was a link to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) much-discussed and much-anticipated draft legislation. For months and months, we’ve…

Spyfiles. Now With 100% More Spying!

By Amanda Simon at 5:18pm

The ACLU relaunched its Spyfiles site today with the release of report that found over 100 specific incidents of political surveillance and harassment by U.S. law enforcement agencies in 33 states and the District of Columbia since 9/11. For those…

Facts vs. Fiction on the Military’s Abortion Ban

By Amanda Simon at 5:43pm

The Washington Times published an article Tuesday on the Senate Armed Services Committee’s recent move to repeal a ban on private funding for abortions on military bases. The story contained several misleading and unfortunate claims from …

House Introduces Criminal Justice Commission Bill; ACLU Says "Pleased To Meet You"

By Amanda Simon at 4:18pm

A bill was introduced today in the House that replicates a criminal justice bill already making good headway in the Senate. The National Criminal Justice Commission Act would create a bipartisan commission to study the American justice system and…

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