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What Do Vacuums and the Military Commissions Have in Common?

By Amanda Simon at 7:10pm
This week has been a busy one for those following the military commissions debate. Congress has held not one, but two hearings on recent proposed changes to the military commissions.

Fool Me Once, Shame On You; Continue to Fool Us Without Anyone in Power Doing the Right Thing, Shame On Congress

By Amanda Simon at 5:57pm

The New York Times did what they do best this week with a story on the National Security Agency’s once again overstepping its bounds with its surveillance of your phone calls and emails. The story goes that the NSA is continuing its sweeping…

Torture Takes Over the Hill

By Amanda Simon at 5:57pm

Here in D.C. we've had back-to-back hearings touching on the use of torture. Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary subcommittee held a hearing on torture that featured testimony from former FBI agent Ali Soufan, former State Department advisor and executive…

Fusion Centers: Listen to Us Already?

By Amanda Simon at 5:41pm

The ACLU's been raising the alarm about fusion centers for a while now and it finally seems that public is slowly catching up with us. These post-9/11 phenomena have been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Let's catch you up.


ACLU Pleased/Displeased With Stimulus Amendments. Sounds About Right.

By Amanda Simon at 7:07pm

Here in Washington it’s hard to escape the stimulus package debate. Especially if the TV in your office is set to C-SPAN. It’s an important debate and it turns out there are a few amendments that might be affecting those civil liberties…

He Says Tomato. We Say No, Seriously…That's Unconstitutional.

By Amanda Simon at 4:22pm

Stuart Taylor at the National Journal has some strong opinions on how President-elect Obama should tackle national security issues. So does the ACLU. It turns out we're not exactly on the same page.

Allow me to shoot down a few of Taylor's…

An Open Letter to Senator Specter

By Amanda Simon at 5:40pm

Dear Senator,

In reply to your remarks on MSNBC this week in regard to telecom immunity being "a festering wound," the ACLU would like to express its most enthusiastic feelings of agreement. It occurs to us, however, that you did vote for…

Telecoms Fund Their Own “Privacy” Group (ROFLMAO)

By Amanda Simon at 4:33pm

In “are you serious?!” news, the Washington Post reported yesterday that a new group, the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), has been formed to “help shape standards around how companies collect, store and use consumer data for business…

Newsflash! Senators Mount Pressure on Lameduck Administration!

By Amanda Simon at 6:26pm

You may remember that this past summer the Maryland State Police Department was caught conducting illegal surveillance on non-violent, anti-war protesters. Thanks to some intrepid activists and the ACLU of Maryland, the department’s abuses…

You Win Some, You Lose Some — A Year in Legislative Battles from the ACLU's D.C. Office

By Amanda Simon at 5:52pm

With things in Washington at a near standstill as everyone eagerly/anxiously awaits next week’s election, the ACLU's Washington Legislative Office (WLO) has decided to use this time to look back at the last year in legislative battles.


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