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Rollout! We Draw the Line in the Sand for the Next Administration

By Amanda Simon at 5:16pm
In just over two weeks both the ballots and the die will be cast for a new administration. Since we kind of saw this coming, the ACLU has been thinking a lot about what we want to see from the next administration. You probably guessed that it means the next guy moving into 1600 Pennsylvania will need to clean up after the former resident (and I think that it would be safe to say that the Bush administration did enough damage to warrant not getting its deposit back).

Like We Said...

By Amanda Simon at 4:03pm

In case you missed it, the New York Times had a great editorial yesterday about the new FBI guidelines that will be implemented on December 1st (you know, the ones we really, really don't like). Here's a snippet:

These changes are a chilling invitation…

Hate to Say I Told You So

By Amanda Simon at 5:01pm

Yesterday, a report on data mining was released by the Committee on Technical and Privacy Dimensions of Information for Terrorism Prevention and Other National Goals (a.k.a.: CTPDITPONG). The committee was formed by the National Research Council…

State Secrets Markup: One Step Closer to Justice?

By Amanda Simon at 6:01pm

The House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties had a markup today (markup? What's that?) on a bill very near and dear to our hearts. The State Secrets Protection Act would help to limit the executive branch's…

Ashcroft Defends Constitution in Spying Clusterfrack. Happy Opposite Day!

By Amanda Simon at 5:52pm

Barton Gellman at The Washington Post has a book about Vice President Dick Cheney called Angler coming out tomorrow. In anticipation of that release, the Post has printed back to back excerpts. I’m fired UP. If you haven’t had a chance…

Law Enforcement Goes Back to School This Fall (And, OMG, It's Totally Going to Flunk Civics!)

By Amanda Simon at 5:03pm

Well, we knew they were coming and we knew they'd be bad but we just didn't know how specifically and constitutionally repulsive they'd be. That all changed today. I'm talking about the new FBI guidelines. Yes. Those.

The ACLU and various…

Congress-ese: Filibuster — Not Just a Ska Band from Sacramento

By Amanda Simon at 3:53pm

The first thing you think of when you hear filibuster is probably Jimmy Stewart railing away in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Sadly, filibusters are generally much less dramatic and definitely lacking in Capra-esque value. Many of you may have come…

Like a Bad Penny... Gonzales Back in the News

By Amanda Simon at 4:40pm

Today a report dropped from the Department of Justice Inspector General's office on the conduct of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and some classified information. The report, it looks like, was leaked to the press yesterday in an effort…

FBI Agrees To Hold Off On Horrific Guidelines. Thanks?

By Amanda Simon at 4:37pm

A few months ago we started hearing rumors about FBI guidelines that would allow the Bureau a much wider parameter to investigate (READ: SPY ON) Americans. Well, not so much rumors as a piece by AP reporter Lara Jakes Jordan.

We've been…

Isn't She Lovely?

By Amanda Simon at 3:58pm

Eighty-eight years ago today, Ms. Helen Thomas entered into a world that was just barely ready for someone as totally awesome as she. Ms. Thomas has been kicking ass and taking names in the White House press briefing room for nine presidential administrations.…

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