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Thank You Sen. Baucus for Opposing Indefinite Detention

By Amy Cannata, ACLU of Montana at 3:24pm
We are heartened that Montana Sen. Max Baucus is opposing two provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which strike at the heart of our constitutional protections for a fair justice system.

It's Not Over for Montana Domestic Partnerships

By Amy Cannata, ACLU of Montana at 11:06am

We always knew it was going to be a journey with bumps and curves in the road. So did our six plaintiff couples when they signed on to sue the state of Montana for domestic partnership recognition.

This week our lawsuit, Donaldson…

17…and in Solitary

By Amy Cannata, ACLU of Montana at 5:15pm

As a young child, “Robert Doe” suffered at the hands of an abusive father who beat him with belts and clothes hangers and encouraged his siblings to beat him with baseball bats. Robert was often locked in a room for days or weeks on end.…

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