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Andre Segura (@andresegura) is a staff attorney with the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project. His practice includes litigation relating to immigration enforcement by state and local police. Andre was previously a Karpatkin Fellow with the ACLU's Racial Justice Program, a litigation fellow at the ACLU's Northern California affiliate, and law clerk to U.S. District Court Judge, Napoleon A. Jones, Jr. He is a graduate of New York University School of Law and the University of Texas at Austin.

"Joe's Law" Gets the Boot: A Lawyer for the Plaintiffs Explains

"Joe's Law" Gets the Boot: A Lawyer for the Plaintiffs Explains

By Andre Segura, Immigrants' Rights Project at 10:13am
Plaintiffs have established that the MCSO had sufficient intent to discriminate against Latino occupants of motor vehicles. Further, the Court concludes that the MCSO had and continues to have a facially discriminatory policy of considering Hispanic appearance probative of whether a person is legally present in the country in violation of the Equal Protection Clause. The MCSO is thus permanently enjoined from using race, or allowing its deputies and other agents to use race as a criteria in making law enforcement decisions with respect to Latino occupants of vehicles in Maricopa County.

Arizona Takes Yet Another Step Backwards

By Andre Segura, Immigrants' Rights Project at 3:56pm

(Originally posted on Huffington Post.)

In the wake of the controversy surrounding Arizona's racial profiling bill, S.B. 1070, Gov. Jan Brewer has signed into law yet another bill designed to divide the people of Arizona for political gain.…

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