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Ariela Migdal (@ArielaMigdaljoined the ACLU in 2007 and has worked in such areas as women’s rights, gender-based workplace discrimination and single-sex education. She currently litigates cases concerning discrimination against women in traditionally male-dominated occupations. Migdal clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and Judge Harry T. Edwards of the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. She also clerked in the Israel Public Defender office. She received a J.D. from New York University School of Law in 2001. Migdal also holds an M.A. from London University and a B.A. from Harvard University.

Putting Dignity on the Guest List

By Ariela Migdal, ACLU Women's Rights Project at 11:44am
Imagine if you had agreed to host Thanksgiving dinner — but your relatives weren’t allowed to come to your house, or anywhere near it. This is the situation faced by many families living in public housing, including the plaintiffs in an ACLU and ACLU of Maryland lawsuit who challenged the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis’s (HACA) policy of “banning” people it deems undesirable. Under the policy, anyone the housing authority designated as "detrimental to the overall quality of life for public housing residents" could be banned from HACA property for three years to life, with little to no recourse for being removed from the list.

The Importance of Class Actions in Fighting Workplace Discrimination

By Ariela Migdal, ACLU Women's Rights Project at 3:17pm

It's no secret that the fight for equality in the workforce is far from over. In fact, even though it's been more decades since Congress passed the key laws that were supposed to eradicate employment discrimination ― Title VII of the Civil Rights…

Title IX: Looking Back and Ahead

By Aliya Hussain, Women's Rights Project & Ariela Migdal, ACLU Women's Rights Project & Jessica Moldovan, Women's Rights Project at 5:27pm

Before 1972, there was little protection for women and girls against sex discrimination in education. Today, we celebrate the 38th Anniversary of Title IX, recognizing advances that have been made, as well as the work that remains to be done.


Students Mobilize for Change During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

By Ariela Migdal, ACLU Women's Rights Project at 3:51pm

(Originally posted on Feministing.)

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and schools and colleges around the country are waking up to the power of Title IX — the federal civil rights law prohibiting sex discrimination in federally…

Win for Title IX and the Constitution

By Ariela Migdal, ACLU Women's Rights Project at 3:33pm

Yesterday the Supreme Court handed down a unanimous ruling with important implications for civil rights. The court held, by a vote of 9 - 0, that a plaintiff who brings a sex discrimination claim under Title IX — the federal law banning sex…

Court Allows Muslim Woman's Headscarf Case to Proceed

By Ariela Migdal, ACLU Women's Rights Project at 6:30pm
While Muslim men have been vilified and targeted as terrorists in the current national security frenzy, Muslim women who wear religious headcoverings face unique exposure to prejudice because of their visibility. Their outward self-identification makes…
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