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One Small Step for the U.S., One Giant Step for LBGT Rights

By Ateqah Khaki at 8:56pm
Earlier today, we told you about a historic commitment by the United States to the cause of LGBT international human rights. We hope that this is just a first step toward a greater global recognition that LGBT rights are really core human rights, and we hope that the government will “walk the talk” when it comes to gay rights at home.

Seriously? Senate Considering Repeal of Anti-Torture Measures

By Ateqah Khaki at 11:16am

Yesterday, the ACLU and over 30 other organizations sent a letter to the Senate asking them to oppose an effort in Congress that threatens to revive the use of torture and other inhumane interrogation techniques. If passed, an amendment introduced…

Surveillance in Post-9/11 America

Surveillance in Post-9/11 America

By Ateqah Khaki at 3:40pm

Our new timeline charts shifts in unchecked government surveillance since 9/11, and paints an unsettling picture.

ACLU Lens: Court Rules Challenge to Warrantless Wiretapping Law Can Proceed

By Ateqah Khaki at 3:21pm

In a very significant development, yesterday a federal appeals court ruled that our lawsuit challenging warrantless wiretapping can proceed. The law that we’re challenging, the FISA Amendments Act (FAA) of 2008, is the most far-reaching…

State Department Should Grant Visa to the "Bravest Woman in Afghanistan"

State Department Should Grant Visa to the "Bravest Woman in Afghanistan"

By Ateqah Khaki at 5:30pm

Late last week, the government denied a travel visa to Malalai Joya, an Afghan politician, writer, and human rights activist. Today, the ACLU sent a letter to Secretaries Clinton and Napolitano asking them to reconsider this decision.


Where's That Change We Can Believe In?

By Ateqah Khaki at 5:33pm

Last night on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart called President Obama out on his flip-flopped positions on national security policies that Candidate Obama rejected during his presidential campaign.

Revisiting moments from the campaign trail,…

Actors, Activists and Experts Call for Accountability

By Ateqah Khaki at 3:43pm

Yesterday, the Culture Project presented a second installment in their "Blueprint for Accountability" series. A blend of theater, film, and conversation, the series aims to engage the public in a conversation about how to achieve accountability…

Irish Rendition Activist to Attend Accountability Conference in North Carolina

By Ateqah Khaki at 5:05pm

This week, as the ACLU welcomes our clients Professors Adam Habib and Tariq Ramadan to the United States — scholars who, until recently, were barred from entering the country because of their criticism of U.S. policy and who will be speaking…

Government Hands Over More Torture Documents

By Ateqah Khaki at 2:32pm

On Friday, the government released more documents detailing the Bush administration’s torture program. The documents were handed over as a part of our ongoing litigation under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for information related to…

DOJ Watchdog Unit Investigates Torture Memo Authors

By Ateqah Khaki at 4:12pm

This weekend, Newsweek reported on an internal Department of Justice (DOJ) report concerning the conduct of senior lawyers who approved torture and other harsh interrogation tactics under the Bush administration. The DOJ’s watchdog unit is…

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