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Another Victory in the Fight Against Anti-Immigrant Ordinances

By Ben Chandler, Immigrants' Rights Project at 10:24pm
Yesterday the courts dealt another blow against the disturbing trend of cities, towns and counties across the country attempting to enact unconstitutional anti-immigrant ordinances. On Wednesday, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas issued an order permanently preventing the City of Farmers Branch, Texas, from enforcing its discriminatory anti-immigrant housing ordinance. The ordinance prohibited landlords from renting to noncitizens (including legal immigrants here on visas) who did not fall into a narrow class of lawful immigrants. The Farmers Branch ordinance is just the latest unsuccessful attempt by cities and states to legislate immigration law locally, as several of these laws have subsequently been repealed (e.g., Riverside, N.J.; Valley Park, Mo.) or shot down by the courts (e.g., Hazleton, Penn.; Escondido, Calif.).

Arizona Anti-solicitation Ordinance Stopped in its Tracks!

By Ben Chandler, Immigrants' Rights Project at 8:48pm

Today a district court judge in Arizona granted an order to stop the enforcement of a discriminatory anti-solicitation ordinance in the town of Cave Creek, Arizona because it violated the constitutional right of free speech. The Immigrants' Rights…

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