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Politicians Play Doctor, ACLU Helps Secure Veto

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida & Courtenay Strickland, ACLU of Florida at 11:35am
In a last-ditch, 11th-hour move during Florida’s 2010 legislative session, legislators tagged two harmful amendments onto a health care bill (H.B. 1143) without opportunity for public comment, review by any committee of the legislature or expert testimony. The result of the legislation would have been devastating to women in Florida, drastically undermining access to reproductive health care and dictating what types of health insurance coverage private employers may offer their employees.

"ACLU Where Are You," He Asked. Here We Are!

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida at 2:36pm

Last month, we told you about Wayne Weatherbee, a Clermont, Fla., businessman whose free speech rights were being quashed by city officials. Weatherbee erected 12 signs on his business property in October 2009 in political protest against the city,…

ACLU…Where Are You?

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida at 2:17pm

Don’t fret, we’re here!

The right to free speech is undeniably one of the most fundamental rights we have as Americans. It is the breath that sustains our democracy.

When that right is threatened by government players,…

Anti-Islam T-Shirt Ban Prompts ACLU Lawsuit

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida at 4:57pm

Islam is of the Devil.

That is the T-shirt slogan that instigated a hailstorm of debate in Gainesville, Fla., about where to draw the line between offensive speech and speech that is intended to incite harm or violence. The T-shirts in question…

Gay-Straight Alliance OK'd by Federal Judge

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida at 12:26pm

A month ago, almost to the day, the ACLU of Florida filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of students at Yulee High School in northeast Florida, demanding that the school allow the students to form a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and meet on campus —…

ACLU reúne a madre inmigrante con su familia después de ser detenida sin justificación alguna

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida at 10:31am

(Click here to read this blog post in English.)

Cuando la hermana de Rita “Fany” Cote marco al 911 para reportar abuso físico de su novio, ella pensó que la policía le ayudaría a ella, pero nunca…

ACLU Helps Reunite Immigrant Mother with Family After Unlawful Detention

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida at 10:30am

(Haz click aquí para la versión en español.)

When 23-year-old Rita “Fany” Cote’s sister dialed 911 to report physical abuse by her boyfriend, she thought the police would help her — never did she…

Despite Recent Progress, Anti-Gay Discrimination Rages on in Florida Public Schools

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida at 10:42am

Last fall Yulee High School administrators denied recognition to a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and denied them use of school facilities, although other student clubs were given access. This followed a similar discriminatory act when Yulee Middle School…

Prohibición de Libros es Inconstitucional

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida at 2:03pm

Prohibir libros en bibliotecas de escuelas públicas va en contra de uno de las principales enmiendas de la constitución, la que protege la libertad de expresión.

En 2006 la junta escolar del condado de Miami-Dade tomó…

Book Banning is Un-American

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida at 1:49pm

Book banning flies in the face of one of the bedrock principles of the Bill of Rights — Freedom of Expression — and it is not tolerated in America; except maybe in the chambers of the Miami-Dade School Board.

In 2006 the ACLU of…

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