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Criminalizing Immigrants: Unlawful and Harmful to the Public

By Caroline Cincotta, Immigrants' Rights Project at 5:33pm
The ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project has released an issue brief on the criminalization of undocumented immigrants. In recent years, states and localities around the country have increasingly attempted to use state and local laws to impose criminal penalties on undocumented immigrants, and the federal government has increasingly chosen to criminally prosecute individuals who violate federal immigration laws rather than rely on the extensive federal civil enforcement scheme.

Holder Recognizes Importance of Fairness in Immigration Proceedings

By Caroline Cincotta, Immigrants' Rights Project at 3:33pm

Attorney General Holder took an important step in the right direction yesterday, vacating Attorney General Mukasey's ill-considered midnight decision that deprived immigrants of an important guarantee of due process. Just days before he left office,…

AG Holder: Uphold Immigrants' Right to Counsel

By Caroline Cincotta, Immigrants' Rights Project at 3:44pm

In an amicus brief submitted to Attorney General Holder today, the ACLU asked Holder to vacate and reconsider a legal opinion issued by Attorney General Mukasey that stripped immigrants of the right to reopen cases they’ve lost due to their…

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