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Got Milk? Why, Yes, We Have Harvey Milk

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 11:39am
Yesterday morning, a sixth grader in California gave a report in one of her classes. That might not sound like terribly exciting news, except that the report was about Harvey Milk, and the student only got to give her report after the ACLU threatened her school with a lawsuit for censoring it.

Taking On Web Censorship in Tennessee Schools

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 5:31pm

You may recall last month when the ACLU First Amendment Working Group, the ACLU LGBT Project, and the ACLU of Tennessee first started schooling some school districts in Tennessee for using web filtering software that illegally blocked dozens of LGBT…

Tell Three: Because Coming Out Is Not Enough

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 5:14pm

For those of us who work for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, it’s been clear for years now that we are slowly but surely getting closer and closer to attaining equality. Thanks to the Lawrence v. Texas decision…

Proposed AR Anti-Gay Parenting Ban: No, Seriously, What About the Children?

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 4:42pm

Anti-gay marriage bans have certainly gotten a lot of attention this election cycle, but there's one other state law on the ballot to which LGBT people should be paying attention.

If passed, Initiated Act 1 in Arkansas would ban anyone…

Great Decision in Our Transgender Discrimination Case Against the Library of Congress!

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 4:28pm

We've just gotten word from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that the ACLU has won our case on behalf of Diane Schroer, a retired Army Colonel who was offered a job as a terrorism research analyst at the Library of Congress,…

Remembering Del

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 2:58pm

Yesterday the LGBT community lost one of its pioneers when 87-year-old lesbian activist Del Martin passed away in San Francisco with her partner of 55 years — and wife of two months — Phyllis Lyon at her side.

Del and Phyllis…

Sweet Opinion Issued in Whacked-Out Florida Free Speech/Gay Rights Case

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 1:58pm

Yesterday, a federal judge issued his official opinion in a school free speech case that ended earlier this summer. The published opinion is a fascinating read and a thing of beauty for those of us who value the First Amendment and believe in equality…

Rachel Maddow: Pride and the LGBT Landscape

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 4:21pm

In her contribution to the ACLU's online symposium in celebration of LGBT Pride, Rachel Maddow, Air America host and MSNBC commentator, talked to Chris Hampton, Public Education Associate for the ACLU's LGBT Project.

Happy Pride! What accomplishments…

South Carolina Gay-Straight Alliance Seeks Help from LGBT Community

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 5:50pm

If you’re a keen watcher of LGBT news you may have been following the story over the past few weeks about a gay-straight alliance club (GSA) in South Carolina; now is your chance to get involved and help these students out.


Four Things You Should Know about Student Rights and Day of Silence

By Chris Hampton, ACLU LGBT Project at 10:05am

Here at the ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Project, we get calls and emails from students all over the country who have questions about things that have happened to them at school. Two things we've learned over the years are that many school…

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