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Politicians Play Doctor, ACLU Helps Secure Veto

By Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida & Courtenay Strickland, ACLU of Florida at 11:35am
In a last-ditch, 11th-hour move during Florida’s 2010 legislative session, legislators tagged two harmful amendments onto a health care bill (H.B. 1143) without opportunity for public comment, review by any committee of the legislature or expert testimony. The result of the legislation would have been devastating to women in Florida, drastically undermining access to reproductive health care and dictating what types of health insurance coverage private employers may offer their employees.

Dexter, DNA and Your Privacy

By Courtenay Strickland, ACLU of Florida at 4:51pm

Ripped from the headlines, the ACLU was recently mentioned on the popular Showtime TV show, Dexter. It went like this:

QUINN: We could do a targeted DNA sweep of white males, 60ish and in the Miami Metro area. MATSUKA: ...The ACLU will shut…
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