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Glee Rocks Sex Ed

By Becca Cadoff, Reproductive Freedom Project & Dahlia Ward, ACLU at 6:07pm
Full disclosure: We're total Gleeks. We love the show and were so excited for this week's episode, Sexy, where Gwyneth Paltrow returns as a substitute sex ed teacher, Holly Holliday. And we were not disappointed! Glee dove into sex education in a way that only Glee can — poking fun at the school's Celibacy Club and the sex-positive sex ed teacher, while still presenting poignant storylines like Santana's struggles with her insecurities about coming out, all while rocking out to "Do You Want To Touch Me (Oh Yeah)." (Still can't get that song out of our heads — SO good!). But whether you're a Gleek or not, you can appreciate the episode's bottom-line: teens — straight or LGBT — need good information at home and at school about making safe and healthy decisions about sex and they need caring adults to talk to.
Despicable: Stop the Assault on Women's Health

Despicable: Stop the Assault on Women's Health

By Dahlia Ward, ACLU at 6:31pm

Earlier this afternoon, the House of Representatives hit a new low when it voted 240-185 in favor of an extreme amendment to eliminate all federal funding for Planned Parenthood. This would immediately jeopardize the health of millions of women, men…

Decisive Victory for Reproductive Freedom in Colorado (Again)

By Dahlia Ward, ACLU at 5:23pm

While the pundits debate the aftermath of the midterm elections, it’s worth noting that there was one bright spot on election night — Colorado. For the second time in two years, voters in Colorado rejected a ballot initiative that could…

Who Gets to Make Medical Decisions for Pregnant Women?

By Dahlia Ward, ACLU at 2:17pm

(Cross-posted to Daily Kos and Feministing.)

Imagine this — you're the busy mother of two small kids with another one on the way. This pregnancy has been fraught with complications. During a medical exam, your doctor orders bed rest…

South Dakota Abortion Ban: The Sequel

By Dahlia Ward, ACLU at 3:03pm

As I walked along the manicured lawns of South Dakota this past weekend knocking on doors adorned with Halloween decorations and asking people to vote to protect reproductive freedom this November, one thing became clear: people here love their…

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