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Exit Route for Atlanta Students Caught in the School-to-Prison Pipeline

By Deuel Ross, Racial Justice Program at 11:56am
On Monday, the Board of the Atlanta Independent School System (AISS) voted to settle a federal lawsuit filed last year by the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Georgia. The lawsuit accused AISS and the privately run Community Education Partners (CEP) of failing to provide an adequate education to students at Forrest Hill Academy (FHA) -- Atlanta’s alternative school for children with disciplinary issues or who are otherwise at risk of academic failure.

High School Grad Can't Read His Diploma

By Deuel Ross, Racial Justice Program at 5:34pm

This past December, “Casey A.” — like most seniors — was excited to receive his diploma from the high school at Challenger Memorial Youth Center in Lancaster, California. Challenger is operated by the Los Angeles County…

Employment Discrimination in the Age of Obama

By Deuel Ross, Racial Justice Program at 12:25pm

Even after the election of President Barack Obama, race continues to play a significant role in limiting the employment opportunities of both college-educated and low-wage African-American workers in the United States. This was brought to the…

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