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Nadine Strossen Talks Sex and Civil Liberties

By James Freedland, ACLU at 7:27pm
From banning sex toys to cracking down on Chippendales, what will politicians think of next when it comes to legislating the private behavior of adults? Be sure to check out ACLU President discussing the always-provocative subject of civil liberties and sex on ABC's 20/20 tonight (10 p.m. EDT).

Fight Censorship at the Border

By James Freedland, ACLU at 6:47pm

Tomorrow in a Boston federal court, Melissa Goodman of the ACLU National Security Project will be challenging the federal government’s refusal to grant a visa to respected South African scholar Adam Habib. Back in the fall, the State Department denied…

Ballot Insecurity

By James Freedland, ACLU at 4:53pm

With the election season in full swing, the timing is perfect for the release of a new book called American Crisis, Southern Solutions, a collection of essays that discusses the state of the nation from a distinctly Southern perspective. Call me biased,…

Count Every Vote in Ohio

By James Freedland, ACLU at 2:07pm
Today, the ACLU filed a lawsuit in federal court against Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to block the usage of a voting system that prevents voters from fixing mistakes on their ballots. In December,…

Democracy Wins in Georgia Voting Rights Challenge

By James Freedland, ACLU at 12:12pm
A voting rights victory in Georgia was long overdue, but now there's cause for celebration. Ever since the state enacted its draconian voter ID law in 2005, Georgia has been at the center of the voting rights storm. Recently, a group of local activists…
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