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Robert Jackson: American Idol

By Jenny Egan at 2:17pm
In the midst of the transition hubbub, I want the world to remember that George W. is still very much in office - holding a pen and the power to obliterate civil liberties through the use of twilight provisions.

How Will the Imperial Presidency End?

By Jenny Egan at 1:58pm

In the waning days of the Bush administration, it may seem like a boatload has already been said about the mess George W. created — gallons of newspaper ink, innumerable blog posts, an Oliver Stone biopic, endless books already on the shelves,…

Gov’t Double Talk Leaves Uighurs in Limbo

By Jenny Egan at 3:31pm

There is a lot of last-minute scrambling at Guantánamo in the waning days of the Bush administration. Some of it involves 17 prisoners of Uighur descent. The Uighurs are an ethnic Muslim minority who face persecution at home in the Xianjiang…

"Torturing Democracy" Connects the Dots

By Jenny Egan at 11:45am

I'm not saying that obsessively watching episodes of Mad Men is a waste of your intellectual powers, but there are a few things on TV worth watching besides Joan Holloway and Torturing Democracy is one of them.

The documentary traces the evolution…

Dick Cheney Wants to Confuse You

By Jenny Egan at 2:12pm

In the course of the NSA spying saga that has unfolded over the past three years, the Bush administration has benefited from the tangling of plain language and the byzantine inner-workings of Executive branch bureaucracy to shield it from public…

What Seven Years Have Taught Us

By Jenny Egan at 11:17am

The insightful Suzanne Spaulding has a great Op-Ed in the Guardian on Thursday. Spaulding is the former Assistant General Counsel at the CIA and has spent the last 20 years handling national security issues for Congress and the Executive Branch. She…


By Jenny Egan at 5:00pm

Okay so you may know that we sued the government last week (you know it never really gets old, suing the government) when President Bush signed the FISA Amendments Act into law. This was not a "compromise bill" or a "modernization" bill, which is how…

Issues Too "Novel and Complex" to Consider?

By Jenny Egan at 2:55pm

There was general buzz earlier this week that Judge James Robertson might grant Salim Hamdan's motion and stop his military commissions proceeding (let's not call it a "trial" - that has the ring of justice about it) which is scheduled to begin on…

All Together Now: "Torture of Prisoners Is Immoral, Unwise, and Un-American"

By Jenny Egan at 3:18pm

Huzaifa Parhat, well into his seventh year at Guantánamo, had a civilian judge review the evidence for his detention for the first time last week. The court ruled that the Pentagon's Combatant Status Review Tribunal (CSRT) declaration that Parhat…

The Real Bad Apples

By Jenny Egan at 2:17pm

“If the detainee dies, you’re doing it wrong.”

Yesterday’s testimony by former DOD lawyer William Haynes and documents released by the Armed Services Committee highlighted how top Department of Defense…

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