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Issues Too "Novel and Complex" to Consider?

By Jenny Egan at 2:55pm
There was general buzz earlier this week that Judge James Robertson might grant Salim Hamdan's motion and stop his military commissions proceeding (let's not call it a "trial" - that has the ring of justice about it) which is scheduled to begin on Monday in Guantánamo. Alas, alack. Today he ruled that the commission could proceed.

All Together Now: "Torture of Prisoners Is Immoral, Unwise, and Un-American"

By Jenny Egan at 3:18pm

Huzaifa Parhat, well into his seventh year at Guantánamo, had a civilian judge review the evidence for his detention for the first time last week. The court ruled that the Pentagon's Combatant Status Review Tribunal (CSRT) declaration that Parhat…

Happy Law Day!

By Jenny Egan at 12:59pm
As you might have heard, today is 50th anniversary of Law Day, and to show that President Bush is taking today seriously, he's even given Law Day a theme this year!The theme of this year's Law Day, "The Rule of Law: Foundation for Communities of Opportunity…

CIA: Out of Touch Much?

By Jenny Egan at 12:43pm
I was just doing a little light reading this morning, on the New York Times website, about Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay when something caught my eye. Right there, atop a photo of Kal Penn and John Cho in orange jumpsuits was this: A CIA…

Standing Up for Fair Trials

By Jenny Egan at 3:47pm
There's been a lot of chatter in the last few months since Colonel Morris D. Davis, former chief prosecutor for the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay, revealed that prosecutions there were being affected by undue political pressure. His assertions…

Orange Ribbons on the Red Carpet

By Jenny Egan at 2:32pm
The hype around this year's Oscars, which took place last night at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre, seemed to be triple because the writer's strike meant that the usual precursor shows like the Golden Globes were stiff, studio-shot affairs. So there were even…

Former Guantánamo Military Prosecutor: Commissions Are Rigged

By Jenny Egan at 3:55pm
It's hard not to mention a certain marsupial in relation to Guantanamo and the military commissions the government is attempting to hold when you read this story from The Nation. The former chief prosecutor there, Col. Morris Davis, says that, in…

Close Guantanamo NYC Action Update

By Jenny Egan at 3:42pm
So the plan this morning was to infiltrate the Today show viewing audience. We wanted millions of home viewers to see people wearing orange today and make sure people took note that this is the six-year anniversary of the arrival of the first prisoners…

Guantanamo: Six Years Too Many

By Jenny Egan at 3:34pm
On January 11, 2002, 20 prisoners were led off a C-141 transport plane from Afghanistan and onto awaiting buses at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. From there, they were loaded onto a ferry and finally driven into the now-notorious Camp X-Ray. There they were…

Make That Three Torture Memos

By Jenny Egan at 1:28pm
The frustrating thing about doublespeak is not its untruth - lies can be called out and disproven. No, the frustration with doublespeak is that there is no position to pin down at all. The Bush administration continues to say "we don't torture" out…
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