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Protecting Children and Free Speech Online

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 1:55pm
This video explains how the ACLU proved that the Child Online Protection Act was unconstitutional.

There Will Be Days Like This

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 1:27pm

The "Day Without A Gay" protest coming December 10 sounds like a good idea for gays in California who had their fundamental right to marry eliminated by a simple majority vote. When all the gay doctors, waiters, police officers, hairstylists…

On Mormons, Marriage, Tea Cups and Kettles

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 2:57pm

The lights of local TV cameras seeking gay-on-the-street sound-bites illuminated the darker part of Broadway on the Upper West Side where thousands of people marched the other night chanting, "Gay, straight, black, white, marriage is a civil right."

I was one of them, upset and disillusioned that a right could be so easily eliminated for an entire group of people that included me. Sure, New York has never allowed same-sex marriage. But it was a right granted in California until a simple majority of voters decided that gay relationships weren't equal to their own.

I joined up with the march in progress at West 66th Street, in front of Manhattan's Mormon Temple. The spot was significant because California's constitutional amendment was bankrolled largely by the Mormon Church, which urged its members nationwide to donate tens of millions of dollars to stop gay couples and their families from receiving the same legal recognition and protections everyone else enjoys.

Freedom Alert: Why Marriage Matters

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 11:08am

Three Couples. Three minutes. They show us in their video why marriage matters. Why we must save the fundamental right to marry in California on Election Day.

If you get an error message while attempting to view this clip, please reload…

See it Now: Supreme Court Briefing 2008-09

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 4:19pm

Every autumn, just before the Supreme Court starts a new term, the ACLU invites the press corps to a briefing where our lawyers explain the relevance and impact of upcoming cases. Now you can be at the briefing, too. For the first time through…

Always Practice Safe Voting

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 6:08pm

Do you practice safe voting? The ACLU presents its top 10 “safe voting” tips. Voting is fun and exhilarating, but never to be taken lightly. Be sure to always act safely and responsibly when exercising your right to vote. It’s…

Freedom Alert: We're Losing California Marriage

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 11:01am
The right of gay couples to marry in California will be lost on Election Day if current polling trends continue. Please watch this urgent message from Matt Coles, director of the ACLU LGBT Project, and forward widely. If you get an error message while…

Young Americans Talk About the Constitution

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 11:58am

Do college-age kids care about the Constitution? Do they even know about it? See what some University of Mississippi students have to say about our nation’s founding document. They speak angst and hope, knowing their future depends on defending…

The Faces of Constitution Voters

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 3:33pm

Are you a Constitution Voter? We were in Mississippi last Friday for the first presidential debate, and found the Ole Miss campus crawling with students who care about the Constitution. Many of them pledged to vote based on how well they think candidates…

Supreme Court v. American Idol

By Joel Engardio, ACLU at 12:15pm

Working for the American Civil Liberties Union is serious business. We carry a heavy burden. Our slogan, after all, is “Because freedom can’t protect itself.” So it is understandable that in a time of Constitutional erosion, the ACLU is known…

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