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Judge Roberts II: Roberts Begins

By Lisa Graves, Legislative Counsel at 1:23am
second of three entries Roberts' work, intellect and devotion to the Reagan agenda won him a post at the White House Counsel's Office, a plum job that combines high profile with more mundane ones. His memos from that time reveal both a keen intellect…

Judge Roberts: Episode One, the Prequel

By Lisa Graves, Legislative Counsel at 10:38pm
first of three entries After a summer of movie prequels, this fall brings us the final chapter of John Roberts' ambition to serve on the United States Supreme Court. But long before the nation knew Roberts' name, he was subject to not just one but two…

The Freedom to Speak About the Freedom to Speak

By Lisa Graves, Legislative Counsel at 4:20pm
Last week in Washington, people were waiting anxiously for the decision in the ACLU lawsuit challenging an FBI demand for records from a member of the American Library Association. We had heard that a decision was likely by the end of the week. Congress…

Proposal for Modest Improvements Passes Senate by "UC"

By Lisa Graves, Legislative Counsel at 12:38pm
Around five o'clock last night, before the Senate broke for its annual August recess, the Specter-Feinstein bill to reauthorize the expiring provisions of the Patriot Act passed. This bipartisan bill was approved through a process called "unanimous consent,"…

A Long Week and a Long Way to Go

By Lisa Graves, Legislative Counsel at 2:12pm
Hello! I'm sorry it's been a few days since my last post! I think between Monday of last week and the votes on the House floor and in the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday, I may have slept only about 12 hours! Not that I've been sleeping since…

Rules Discussion to Be Followed by Floor Debate

By Lisa Graves, Legislative Counsel at 8:09am
This afternoon the House Rules Committee will be considering requests of Members to be able to bring up amendments to the Patriot Act reauthorization on the floor for a debate beginning tomorrow. There appears to be no break in the rush by some in the…
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