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New Study Finds Immigration Policies Hurt Kids

By Mariana Bustamante, Immigrants' Rights Project at 11:27am
The Urban Institute released a new study earlier this month on the effects of immigration enforcement on children. Called "Facing our Future; Children in the Aftermath of Immigration Enforcement," it builds on a previous study from 2007 that examined the immediate aftermath of immigration raids on the children of immigrants who were arrested, detained and deported.

New Video Portrays Pennsylvania Town Ripped Apart by Anti-Immigrant Law

By Mariana Bustamante, Immigrants' Rights Project at 3:52pm

A new ACLU video tells the story of how the town of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, went from welcoming immigrants to being the epicenter of an anti-immigrant sentiment that swept through several cities around the country.

Obstáculo de Ultima Hora Para el Debido Proceso de la Ley Inmigrantes en Riesgo de Deportación

By Mariana Bustamante, Immigrants' Rights Project at 9:01pm

De nuevo el gobierno impone un obstáculo más para que los inmigrantes puedan tener acceso al debido proceso de la ley, un derecho dentro de la Constitución que le corresponde a todas las personas en este país sin importar su estatus migratorio.…

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