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Check out America's New Phone Plan!

By Matt Bors at 3:19pm
It's way better than the old plan our founding fathers set us up with. (You know, the one where warrantless spying wasn't permitted.)

RCLU: Reptilian Civil Liberties Union

By Matt Bors at 1:00pm

The latest Civil Discourse comic deals with the odd application of laws at Guantánamo Bay. While the Bush administration has argued that the Constitution and International Law magically don't apply to detainees on the island, one U.S. law is in…

Flagz in Tha Hood

By Matt Bors at 2:57pm

Educators are constantly struggling to keep the wandering minds of the young focused on their studies. Attempts to weed out "distracting" clothing is a constant issue. You might expect to hear about some half naked girl being asked to come back…

VIP Justice

By Matt Bors at 12:45pm
The latest Civil Discourse comic goes after the absurd 100-to-1 disparity in sentencing laws for crack cocaine. It goes like this: Trafficking crack cocaine (cheap and used primarily by the poor) can get you the same prison sentence as dealing 100 times…

Beware of Robert Johnsons and Anyone Named Ted Kennedy

By Matt Bors at 4:00pm
My latest Civil Discourse comic tackles the government's Terrorist Watch list, which has almost million names. Who's on it? Toddlers, dead people, congressmen, and Iraq War vets. You know, the people most likely to harm America. See the ACLU's watch…

Matt Bors on the Glacial Speed of "Justice" at Guantanamo

By Matt Bors at 12:30pm
On December 30, 2007, Guantanamo Bay detainee 942 (Abdul Razzak for those of you who refer to human beings by their name) became the first "unlawful enemy terrorizer" to die of natural causes. Most are still alive and waiting to be charged. They may die…

Civil Discourse

By Matt Bors at 10:37am
Over a year go the ACLU contacted me to do a series of comic strips on Civil Liberty issues. The success of those strips led to the creation of Civil Discourse, an entirely new bi-weekly comic strip that launches today, available exclusively on the…
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