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Comics We Can Believe In

By Matt Bors at 10:53am
Today marks the departure of the Bush administration—and the opportunity to restore civil liberties and the rule of law to America. It's also the return of Civil Discourse, my biweekly comic for the ACLU. There's a lot to be done this year. I'll be chronicling the hilarity, absurdity and outrages and posting all my new cartoons here on the blog. If you want a look back at the insanity of the last few years, check the archive.

You Oughta Be Committed

By Matt Bors at 2:07pm

Sixty years ago, the United States was one of 48 nations to sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since then we've had an unimpeachable human rights record achieving all of the standards set forth in the declaration's 30 articles.


Taxpayer Millions Down the Abstinence-Only Drain

By Matt Bors at 11:29am

Most people don't wait until marriage to have sex, but abstinence-only-until-marriage education programs tell teens they should...and not much else (hence the "only" part). Despite mountains of evidence showing these programs work as well as…

Constitution News

By Matt Bors at 5:12pm

The media coverage of the presidential campaign has devolved into daily obsessions with the latest gaffes and attack ads. The debates are stale stump speeches where our founding document is largely ignored. Watching it unfold, it's easy to forget…

Pocket Protectors

By Matt Bors at 4:57pm

Previously we've discussed the push to search under travellers' clothes with the naked machine and the million names on the terrorist watch list. The latest Civil Discourse comic examines DHS's need to literally put their hands in your pockets.


Fire Fight

By Matt Bors at 4:32pm

One of the most puzzling issues that confront those of us who care about civil liberties is the debate surrounding flag burning. Burning the American flag is offensive to many but done by almost no one. And yet every few years it is brought up as…

Camp Kafka

By Matt Bors at 4:45pm

In Franz Kafka's 1925 novel, The Trial, a man awakens to be suddenly arrested and put on trial for an unspecified crime in a court where no evidence is presented. Hey, at least he got a trial! Most detainees at Guantánamo Bay are still waiting…

The Sixth Nonsense

By Matt Bors at 3:52pm

There's now over a million names on the government's "Terrorist Watch List." In a previous Civil Discourse comic I wondered why small children with common names like "Robert Johnson" are questioned. Today's comic deals with…

Airport Insecurity

By Matt Bors at 2:18pm

Mood lighting. Soft music. Relax and kick off your shoes—someone is about to peek beneath your clothes. No, you aren't at the honeymoon suite yet—you're still stuck at the airport security checkpoint.

The Transportation Security…

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

By Matt Bors at 11:29am

Bush's approval ratings are so low they would have given King George pause, yet Congress keeps granting him all the power he wants. Their latest capitulation on FISA granted the President even more power to spy on Americans without a warrant. Count…

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