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Singled Out in Alabama Schools

Singled Out in Alabama Schools

By Molly Kaplan, ACLU at 2:07pm

The ACLU is on the ground in Alabama documenting the impact of H.B. 56 on farms, families and schools. We're finding evidence of racial profiling and discrimination.

ACLU Police Brutality Video Showcased By

By Molly Kaplan, ACLU at 1:52pm

Today, Peter Garbriel’s video advocacy non-profit used the ACLU’s montage of protest footage from Puerto Rico as an example of effective video advocacy on its blog. The post dissects how the video contributed to the ACLU’s…

The Time to Act is Now: Defend Free Speech on the Internet

By Molly Kaplan, ACLU at 4:49pm

In 2006, America Online censored e-mails that referenced a blog entry questioning the company’s e-mail fee system.

In 2007, AT&T cut out lyrics critical of the Bush administration during its live feed of a Pearl Jam concert. That…

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