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States Working Hard to Solve Nonexistent Voting Problem

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 12:55pm
Remember the adage “one person, one vote?”  In an increasing number of states, it’s more like:

MLK and the Myth of Reverse Racism

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 5:52pm

Forty-seven years ago tomorrow, 200,000-plus people marched on Washington to demand full access to the benefits of citizenship for black Americans and an end to segregation. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered…

U.N. Independent Expert Recommends Remedies for U.S. Race Relations

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 5:32pm

"The historical, cultural and human depth of racism still permeates all dimensions of life in American society," says Doudou Diène, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

Diène, a Senegalese attorney appointed to his post by the United Nations Human Rights Council, toured the United States last year for approximately three weeks, meeting with local, state and federal officials and non-governmental organizations, including the ACLU. He just issued a report of his findings based on that visit.

Given that his mandate spans the globe, Diène's recommendations for the U.S. are remarkably spot-on. For instance, to remedy racial discrimination in law enforcement — where "instances of direct discrimination and concrete bias...are most pronounced" — Diène suggests the U.S. should adopt the federal End Racial Profiling Act, pass state legislation prohibiting racial profiling, and take other steps to monitor and address profiling by police. The U.S. should also review mandatory minimum sentences, improve public defender services, and eliminate life without parole sentences for people convicted of crimes committed as juveniles, all of which contribute to the over-criminalization of people of color.

Protecting Small 'D' Democracy and the Right to Vote

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 4:07pm

(Originally posted on Pam's House Blend).

Isn't the right to vote freely for a candidate of your choosing just that: the right to vote freely for a candidate of your choosing?

Not according to one Virginia legislator, who seemed to…

Be Here, Behave, Be Learning -- Be Sued

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 4:46pm

Lawsuits certainly have a knack for bringing people-and information-out of the woodworks. In March, the ACLU Racial Justice Program and ACLU of Georgia filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta Independent School System (AISS) and Community Education…

Georgia Erroneously Purges Eligible Voters

By Nicole Kief, ACLU at 11:55am
In late March, Georgia's Columbus-Muscogee County Elections & Registration Office mailed out upwards of 700 letters informing voters they had become ineligible to vote because they had been convicted of felonies. The problem? A potentially large…
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