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Policy Debate Game, Set, Match

By Noam Biale at 1:31pm
It may not quite be the French Open, but James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation and I have been discussing the pros and cons of the virtual fence in a series of recent blogs. At least I thought that was what we were discussing. In his most recent post, Carafano doesn’t mention the virtual fence once. Instead he takes a potshot at me for “condemning the United States.”

Something in the Water at the Heritage Foundation?

By Noam Biale at 4:37pm
James Carafano has been blogging on the Heritage Foundation’s “The Foundry” this week on his trip to our southern border. Carafano has been mighty impressed with all the potential benefits of increased border security. Specifically,…

No Real ID in Alaska

By Noam Biale at 5:05pm

The battle over Real ID — the Bush Administration’s backdoor national ID card — has been getting quieter in the last few weeks, but is by no means cooling down.

First, the statutory deadline for all states to comply with…

New Plan for Protecting Genetic Privacy: Don't Get Arrested.

By Noam Biale at 8:41am
(Also, don't be an immigrant.)

A few weeks ago, the Justice Department quietly released proposed regulations that would permit the collection and permanent retention of DNA from anyone arrested for a federal crime, or any non-U.S. person detained…

Run for President if You Must, But Don't Take My DNA!

By Noam Biale at 6:59pm
Ears were pricked to Michael Bloomberg's State of the City speech last night for any hint that the New York City mayor might throw his hat into the Presidential primary ring. No change in the tea leaves yet, but Bloomberg did say something that ought…

Bird Flu and Civil Liberties

By Noam Biale at 10:35am
The emergence of Avian Flu overseas and high profile cases of individuals with drug resistant TB last year alerted the American public to the potential for a large-scale pandemic of influenza or some other infectious disease in the near future. The…

Deja Vu, Plus 20,000 New Records

By Noam Biale at 7:07pm
Hanging around Capitol Hill tends to induce a feeling of déjà vu. The House Homeland Security Committee held a hearing today on the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) Watch List - a rerun of last month's hearing in the Senate on the same…

Who's Watching the Watch List?

By Noam Biale at 3:51pm
The good folks at the FBI's Terrorism Screening Center are doing a bang-up job: they keep identifying more and more terrorists among us. Don't believe me? Just look at the number of records the TSC has added to the terrorist watch list: From 158,374…
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