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No Real ID in Alaska

By Noam Biale at 5:05pm
The battle over Real ID — the Bush Administration’s backdoor national ID card — has been getting quieter in the last few weeks, but is by no means cooling down.

New Plan for Protecting Genetic Privacy: Don't Get Arrested.

By Noam Biale at 8:41am
(Also, don't be an immigrant.)

A few weeks ago, the Justice Department quietly released proposed regulations that would permit the collection and permanent retention of DNA from anyone arrested for a federal crime, or any non-U.S. person detained…

Run for President if You Must, But Don't Take My DNA!

By Noam Biale at 6:59pm
Ears were pricked to Michael Bloomberg's State of the City speech last night for any hint that the New York City mayor might throw his hat into the Presidential primary ring. No change in the tea leaves yet, but Bloomberg did say something that ought…

Intelligence on Steroids

By Noam Biale at 12:01pm
If the mantra of post-9/11 intelligence gathering is “to find a needle in a haystack, just make the haystack bigger,” we now present the Barry Bonds of haystacks. Today, we released a report on Fusion Centers - state, local, and regional…

We Must Try Every Stupid Idea at Least Twice!

By Noam Biale at 1:38pm
The Indianapolis Star reports today that next week, the Indiana state Bureau of Motor Vehicles will begin sending out "No Match" letters to Hoosiers with discrepancies in their records. The letters will go out to anyone whose license information…

Eliot Spitzer: From Steamroller to Steamrolled

By Noam Biale at 11:21am
When Eliot Spitzer was inaugurated as Governor of New York in January, he vowed to transform the culture of Albany where, notoriously, state policy decisions are made by "three men in a room." Two men in a room.The former Attorney General, who had…

Who's Watching the Watch List?

By Noam Biale at 3:51pm
The good folks at the FBI's Terrorism Screening Center are doing a bang-up job: they keep identifying more and more terrorists among us. Don't believe me? Just look at the number of records the TSC has added to the terrorist watch list: From 158,374…

Who Loves Real ID? AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo Do.

By Noam Biale at 9:45am
The federal Real ID Act doesn't have many friends these days. Eighteen states have passed legislation rejecting the law, Congress has refused to put any money into implementing it, and just this week New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer announced he, not the…
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